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Reply to Best moto t-shirt ever? 12/19/2016 2:48 PM

That is awesome loved that track And Jimmy Blairs Atomic racing thanks for sharing that. I just sent him this pick he will get a kick out of it

Reply to A Business Post. NASCAR Case Study. How They Fixed Their Decline. SX or MX Learnings? 5/15/2016 9:05 AM

Nascar is an older demographic, fan experience is not enough to fill the seats. For the MX community Its more about the traveling, from one coast to the other then back is just stupid. This eats up so a large part of budgets. Sure i know need to schedule ... more »

New thread Vegas 250 hows it work this year 4/12/2016 11:35 AM

How does vegas work this year ? East West and points for the 250 ?

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Reply to 2016 YZ250F Problems, Bike Idles, cuts out and back fires 3/2/2016 6:33 PM

We ran intone similar problem at Phoenix Supercross. The water temp gauge connector was shorting out, changed wiring harness still something not as bad got through the night Went back to CA bike ran fine and still is. Only thinking could think of was ... more »

Reply to 75 YZ360 HELP NEWMANN ? 2/29/2016 4:44 PM

Does your buddy want to sell it I am interested Thank you

Reply to Daytona Tack Map 2/26/2016 11:43 AM

Are the seats good ? I might be interested

Reply to Benny Bloss 2/25/2016 6:23 PM

Guys, It's all good Benny is a great kid Things just didn't work out, sometimes relationships work sometimes they don't and at the end of the day it's all about Business

Reply to Leib's front plate? 2/14/2016 3:44 PM

No different than using hand guards Justs connects in the middle. Great for protection keeps controls clean and secure from crashes but most of all it pays for my team to go racing. Haters will hate no biggy we are doing something not very many people ... more »

Reply to Tomac, Wey, 722 & Brooks on Pulpmx Show Tonight! 1/4/2016 3:52 PM

Blue Buffalo Slater Skins Yamaha Team

Reply to Buffalo/Brooks team 12/2/2015 2:50 PM

Thank you

Reply to Happy Thanksgiving! (and a little gift for you all) 11/26/2015 4:48 PM

Thank you SIR

Reply to 15-16 Yamaha frame cracks... 11/16/2015 9:37 AM

Better off just restoring an older bike

Reply to Road to Supercross rules and changes 11/16/2015 8:02 AM

guys like bloss, folkner have earned their right They raced monster cup with 50k people Live World Wide TV what in the World can arenacross Do for them, absolutly nothing , just a chance to get hurt. If a rider wins an A championship at lorettas or a ... more »

Reply to Road to Supercross rules and changes 11/16/2015 6:50 AM

Arenacross does not get riders ready for Supercross unless a riders has access to a Supecross track to practice on what good is arenacross why bother going to Loretta Lynn,

Reply to 2016 Outdoor Schedule Released 10/5/2015 11:05 AM

Who designs this schedule ? Co to PA to TN really then MI to MA to MIN and WA then back to NY really guys, do west coast then east coast or the other way around come on.

Reply to Friday Behind The Scenes Ernee MXdN 2015 10/4/2015 5:19 PM

that Pirelli Rig was nice, Do they have full Semi Trucks or smaller versions? I saw in your pic stairs leading to a top level on the Kawasaki rig

Reply to Rode old school today 10/4/2015 5:07 PM

How cool is that, what a blast what kind of bike

Reply to Ironman Thoughts 8/25/2015 8:29 AM

I agree the place is Beautiful, track is wide great elevation changes, pits are nice and flat

Reply to 78 RC500 refresh 8/17/2015 10:58 AM

WOW now that is beautiful, where did you ever find that ? thats like hitting loto in the MX world Honda never made the for production

Reply to Teams in moto today 8/16/2015 1:25 PM

Just figuring it out, hanging with the guys at unadilla.