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I’m also curious as to the performance level of these forks. And I assume they’re coil spring since they have a spring preload adjustment, but it’s odd that nothing specifically mentions it.

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The screenshots that have been posted show that he’s been given PLENTY of chances to redeem himself.

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I really want to support Fly because of all that they put into the sport, but it seems like for the last few years they've been putting out gear with mostly bland colors and not much bold, vibrant stuff. I guess that goes for a lot of the gear companies ... more »

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Fellas, let's all calm down, shall we? I believe there may have been some miscommunication here. When you said that you have "way more respect for the man now...", I believe you were referring to Kailub's decision to pull the plug early, correct? Well, ... more »

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It seems like every camera for the broadcast is on a lift, which I’m sure is so that each camera can see more of the track, therefore reducing the total number of cameras needed. I think we’d all agree that it would be beneficial for the broadcast to ... more »

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The McDonalds app shows a Big Mac combo meal for $6.89 at a random McDonalds I selected where you are from (Wichita, Kansas).

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That sounds like the generic talk in company press releases, in which case, Tomac never uttered any of that.

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You haven't been keeping up with how much money has been sent out.

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Get a load of this guys jacket. He obviously doesn't race.

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Just a heads up: I missed the A practices and discovered that I am now able to pause and rewind the live broadcast on my AppleTV.

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It’s already been suggested, but I just want to reiterate that bumping the idle up a little can really go a long way towards solving this issue on this bike.

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I had a little over 200 hours on my last shock (it was a practice bike that I racked up the hours on). Took it to FC to get rebuilt and they said everything was in surprisingly good condition for the time that was on it.

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So many people think that bottoming out is to be avoided at all cost, but that’s just plain wrong. If you never bottom your suspension, then what’s the point of even having that much travel?

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Just to perhaps expand your search area, keep in mind that KTM has been using those same triple clamps for years on their XC-W and EXC lines.

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Have you ever been at a hotel the night before a race and there was a group causing a ruckus, preventing you from getting a good nights sleep? It sucks.

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Definitely can piece some of it together.

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So is the goal here simply to replace the use off roll-offs in nasty conditions? And if I'm understanding it correctly, you'd place a gasket on the lens, then a stack of laminate tear-offs, followed by another gasket and then more tear-offs?

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Lap times are shorter than ever and just a few years ago the powers that be added two additional riders to the main. (Going from 20 riders in the 450 main to 22). That makes no sense.

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Dealer had to dig into his own pocket to sell you this bike, according to most on here.

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I believe that’s a different series altogether that simply poached some of the Full Gas locations.