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We all understand that it's just "one more race". I think the difference might be the fact that there will be a small break between the end of outdoors and the beginning of SMX in which the riders will have to keep training whereas now they can take ... more »

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I’d rather just go back to the regular points system in supercross and call it good.

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Why did they stop?

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I remember it being widely reported in 2019 that Ferrandis was using the full auto clutch. Haven't heard much about their use in pro motocross since then, however. Like the OP, I'm curious if they all went back to standard clutches.

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Wouldn't such a mandate violate the riders' statuses as independent contractors?

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He went for long stretches of time without any riding. He only rode with any sort of regularity for a few brief periods when he was mulling a return. He didn't partake in many "just for fun" riding sessions at all.

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Grown ass men getting their panties in a wad over getting downvotes on a motocross message board. Unbelievable.

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If you look at some of the individual components of the 20" Stacyc, you'll find that it's pretty pricey stuff. The brakes and fork, for example, together would cost around $1,000 if you were to buy them from an MTB retailer. I feel as though maybe they ... more »

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I have no idea if this happened, but I do know that if you quote someone else's post and then that person deletes their post, your post disappears as well.

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As someone that was watching it live on MavTV Plus last weekend, I can assure you that it had the same commercials as the cable feed. I switched to Youtube after I read on here that it was being shown commercial free. Where you are getting mixed up is ... more »

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Anything specific to look for on MSDS sheets to clue us in on whether or not a cleaner will be safe for aluminum / anodizing? I used to be a Simple Green guy but switched to LA's Totally Awesome which can be found dirt cheap at Dollar General and does

... more »
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You're talking about e-bikes on mountain bike trails whereas this discussion is about an electric dirt bike on land designated for ORV use.

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Legend has it that the original poster was railed on so hard in this thread that he abandoned the sport and never learned of Tomac's post-race injury admission.

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Justin Anderson approves this message.

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I like hearing James give his analysis on things that are happening now. But I loved having James walk down memory lane and give us insight on his own career. That episode was amazing. Thanks for taking those photos with you, DC.

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Here's a link in case anyone wants to check out some of the Virtual Trainer content:

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Remember when Chase from Rocky Mountain ATV absolutely grilled Forrest about the Baggett situation? Questioned him way harder than our regular media sources do. Baggett questioning begins at 7:13

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I've always understood it to be the way you describe, but then I see so many people refer to a soft-terrain tire like an MX33 as soft-compound that I start to question myself.

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True, but when you look at the age of the current top ten in 450SX points, Chase Sexton is the only rider under age 26.