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I don't know about best suspension... the YZ's suspension is still in the running for best of the best in 2019. The chassis is certainly more precise than the YZ though.

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7IPD is a mtb protection company, that makes an under protector quite a bit like that a-10, and it's got removable padding for where the atlas or leatt sit on you chest and back. I wear it with an Atlas and it fits better than anything else I've tried ... more »

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+1 If you can find a last season F2 Carbon with MIPS, you can get a fairly cutting edge helmet for under $200. That's pretty much all I run anymore

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I liked those years of KTM too. I really liked the lc4 graphics actually:

I loved these GYTR graphics too. I thin they were called "strobe"? wish I had a better picture of that bike ... more »
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How many in the top 5?

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if you don't like working on bikes, a TTR-125 or 125L is a pretty fun and super dependable pit bike. My wife has one, and I race my friend's Pitsters with it, and it holds its own. With taller bars it's reasonably comfortable for me at 6'2", and you'll ... more »

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You're just not seeing it from the *after* perspective. After you frame something and you're off work hobbling around on crutches, would you pay $400 to be healed up again? Then the better boots would've been worth it. I agree though that $600 is ridiculous. ... more »

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The frame is the biggest thing that needs help... you can raise or lower the forks and sag to decide if it will push or knife, but I never rode one that just turned without any drama. I'd buy some really top of the line knee braces, because you'll be ... more »

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Always when shifting up on the ground, sometimes in the air, hardly ever when shifting down. I keep hearing you need to shift without it to go fast, but...

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+1 has OEM parts, and will ship them to Canada. I've had really good luck with Fortnine for anything not OEM. RMATV and BTO were great when the Dollar was closer to par but not so much anymore

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Canadian launch will be the Toronto motorcycle show on February 16. First look will be at San Diego next weekend

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On the PulpMX show on Monday, he hinted that he wasn't able to get bikes from Kawasaki anymore. That was why he had an all chrome ProCircuit bike at straight Rhythm. Also, Yamaha offered him some support to do flat track and race SxS/UTV/quads-with-steering-wheels/ ... more »

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Trey was just talking about this on the Pulp show on Monday. He and Windham both retired when they started having reservations about hitting big rhythms lap after lap in a race, but Windham said it was weird, because he had no problem launching his 100'+ ... more »

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I raced vintage before I really got into racing. My first race was on an old IT465 I used to ride around the farm and the hills. I prettied it up for the races and put the 465 on the plates, and then I just kept it on my 250's ever since.

... more »
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John Tomac has a wildly different attitude than Deegan. Unfortunately, Dangerboy's career will probably be closer to J-Law's than Tomac's. All the talent and amateur success in the world can't make up for the rebel-without-a-cause mentality.

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Pro-Taper 'KX Hi' bars; Emig lock on grips; stock perch with zeta forged brake and clutch levers; Moose pro pegs with 1/2" rear offset; SDG tall seat. I like the clutch a little higher than the front brake. Rear brake level with the peg; shifter one ... more »

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This is what I've been using for 3 or 4 years. It's flexible, decent coverage, removable shoulder protection and it has various panels you can remove to fit different neck braces. I'll get another one if this one ever wears out. ... more »