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Hey guys. We have a BLACK FRIDAY sale on our Graphics I Plastics I Seat covers -19% OFF Discount code: BLCK19

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I really love Pit Bits but is it too much to ask for more "Pit pics"? It would be cool to see pictures of the EMX and WMX bikes and setups too!

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Clear info is published on the fact Suzuki is and has been moving all production operations into one facility in Japan this year. They had production divided into 3 separate factories in 3 different cities, now, it becomes one. This has and will continue ... more »

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Queen of Spodes, SCRUB can hook you up to restyle the KX, we do it all the time....

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OK, how about something different? Not gonna cost mega bucks, just give the bike an oddly different look.....

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Hey dude, my bike might be a skyscraper... for sure, it's legs are hanging in the breeze! Notice it's on a stand, wheels are off the ground! Sag is set right, but as everyone agrees, these bikes, seems to take alot more than just some P-C link... it ... more »

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Dude, I really can't see the value in the pull rods, forgive me... but 1 mm there ain't gonna make a difference in this case. The bike is, and always has been violently uncontrollable. I've had it for 6 years now, cannot jump the thing at all. It just ... more »

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I have a 2008 (yes, sold in Europe until then). At this point, I will not ride it, due to the handling, looking for a solution. I have put far too much money into the forks it's not funny, and have given up. It's sat for 2 years now, I just don't have

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Why would Yamaha ever consider a remake of these, the demand is not there! Motocross is .01% of their business, not worth it. KTM group is focused for offroad.. Yamaha, far for their main focus.

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Here is image from our customer, something different than standard.

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Dude, you're right on, I just couldn't have put it better myself. The sport, at least in the USA at this time, is headed down an ugly path. I love this sport in Europe, and I guess the outdoors in the USA still has it somewhat, the 'family feel'. Loretta ... more »

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Guys, speaking to people in the know, it's clear the Americans have turned their backs on the MXoN simply due to the Monster Cup. $$$ is more important, so that's the official focus now. October... MXoN or be paid at Monster Cup? Americans are all about ... more »

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And now just speed recovery