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Reply to Beta announces new U.S. Race Team Manager with an MX background 5/9/2021 2:14 PM

Life hack 101. Never give a shit about other humans thoughts or opions. Try it. You will be much happier.

Reply to Tomac to Yamaha? 5/9/2021 1:23 PM

My only question is how does Tomac perform in the nationals. Class act goes out with a title.

Reply to Seriously DC? Why? 5/8/2021 3:34 PM

It forces everyone to produce real content. Shit that matters. Hopefully not the still shot crap aj puts out.

Reply to Seriously DC? Why? 5/8/2021 2:21 PM

If you had the chance to watch the privateer youtube series "Driven to Ride" you would see the prpoer way to make a video. It takes zero gopro footage. Zero. Might actually have to show the human side of what it takes. Nothing has come close since.

Reply to Seriously DC? Why? 5/8/2021 1:23 PM

No loss. Its not like they were using riders live helmet cam footage during the race broadcast. Hell they cant even put a couple cameras at ground level to properly capture the action.

Reply to HAPPY ALMOST OUTDOORS! 5/5/2021 1:05 PM

I absolutely love supercross but I don’t think Ive ever been more pumped for this years Nationals and MXGP’s. Link to great vid. Crank the volume on your surround sound.

Reply to Got a shot today 5/4/2021 12:15 PM

Got my 2nd Pfizer shot last week. Like most guys my only side effect is my penis is now much larger.

Reply to Red Bull | MX World Season 3 5/4/2021 10:44 AM

Such an awesome series. I’m really looking forward to the MXGP season this year. Sure hope they can pull off at least an abbreviated series.

Reply to Rookie Of The Year 5/3/2021 2:39 PM

All that matters is the final series points standings. Dylan finished 7th. Sexton finished 12th.

Reply to Taking a dive (Eligibility) 5/1/2021 4:08 PM

Who would rather have in the main? Aray or Jett?

Reply to Taking a dive (Eligibility) 5/1/2021 3:10 PM

250 sx class means nothing. The top 3 from each coast should be in the premiere class instead of the lappers.

Reply to 10pm Main events? (East coast viewers) 5/1/2021 3:03 PM

I watch very few races if any live. In fact i would prefer a properly edited broadcast the following day.

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Reply to Red Bull | Season 5: Moto Spy Supercross 4/29/2021 1:38 PM

Excellent vid. Ground level camera work was like watching a whole new race.....worlds better. What is it going to take to get the tv crew to have 2-3 ground level cameras?

Reply to Why does she wear a mask? 4/28/2021 7:43 AM

Yes we can still get covid after being vaccinated same as you can still get brain damage wearing the best helmet. I suggest those not getting vaccinated to also stop wearing a helmet for the same reasons. We will never be back to normal for those thinking ... more »

Reply to No fan pit access at the Nationals? 4/27/2021 12:27 PM

Haha have you read the other threads? Not a chance teams are risking their health with this crowd.

Reply to Salt Lake City 1 SX - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 4/24/2021 2:34 PM

Any results?

Reply to McAdoo...”diamond in the rough”? 4/23/2021 12:47 PM

He should move to 450’s to smooth out. What could possibly go wrong?

Reply to A memo to the RDL producer.. 4/23/2021 12:38 PM

Does RDL have their own film crew or is it the same idiots from the night show?

Reply to Archived DMXS? 4/22/2021 9:45 AM

The new DV podcast is pure gold. Never laughed so hard!