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Just FYI, the legendary Indy After Party has been moved this year from the Ugly Monkey to Tiki Bob's , downtown Indy!! Hope to see everyone there! Gonna be a great

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The new 250F is just now landing in the states, I expect we will begin seeing them in the next week or two!

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Yep, double ding dong! I agree, it was so cool in the 80's at the track.

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I raced there a few years ago, as our gate dropped the skies opened up to horrible rain storms....the flaggers and score girls ran for shelter but nobody red flagged the It was insane, and brutal in that sand. Great place.

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Be there Thursday for the weekend! Cheers!

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This is my 13th year hosting the official Indy SX After-Party and once again we will be at the Ugly Monkey downtown! See us from 4-6 before the race or come party with us afterwards....It's always a great time, great bench racing and great ... more »

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Indy is awesome, everything is walking distance downtown so once you're parked you are good for the weekend. Dreyer always hosts the big Friday night party, it'll be packed. The pits are open and outdoors this year for the first time, mid 40's predicted ... more »

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Stay at the Omni or Union Station, they're very close as is the new Marriott. But you want to stay downtown, park ur car once and you're set for the weekend. Afterwards, it's always the Ugly Monkey man. It's my 13th annual after-bash! lol The bar is ... more »

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It wasn't me was Every stadium is different, I dealt with the contracts in 14 cities and no two buildings were the same. A lot of times the promoter has to pay for those parking spaces taken for pits because the revenue is to go to the building, ... more »

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That's what I dealt with back in the day at PACE. Jendro, Jansen and myself were the only people there that ever rode motocross. You can clearly see the difference between the two people, and I agree that alot of talent is overlooked due to that little ... more »

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Team RPS/Moto Extreme

Team Manager: Ryan Marshall (
Rider: Christian Telker #742
Tech: JGR/Steve Telker
SX Lites East

Sponsors: Richmond Powersports, Moto Xtremes, JGR, FOX, Sunstar, Scott, Slakawear, Throttle Jockey, Pirelli

Gear: Fox Helmet: Fox Goggles: Fox Boots: Alpinestar

0 0 0

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Yeah that was an awesome reserving a car I guess, sometimes it really means

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Must be a slow day at the office today for Feld....

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Hoping to see a little of the 450A and 250 Pro Sport, my boy Christian Telker #742 is running for us! Great job and thanks for sharing with us who are back at the shop today!!!!

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I've heard that there are a couple bikes coming from Suzuki that will be all new. One is the GSXR1000 and the others that I'm hearing are dirt. I'm pushing for a revamped 85cc class bike as well, come on man that things is way dated. We'll see, but yes ... more »

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The way I understand it is that the auto division has been sucking the life out of Suzuki for some time now, and the MCY, ATV divisions have been in the back seat for years. I see it as they are taking over the front seat and will be driving Suzuki into ... more »

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Well, here it is.... Press Release AMERICAN SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION (“ASMC”) ANNOUNCES RESTRUCTURING AND REALIGNMENT TO FOCUS ON MOTORCYCLES/ATV AND MARINE DIVISIONS ASMC to wind down and discontinue new automobile sales in continental U.S. Consumers ... more »

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There will soon be an announcement but in a nutshell Suzuki is going to rid itself of automobiles in the US and focus solely on motorcycles....They'll go thru Chapter 11 in order to spin them off, so don't be alarmed it's actually a good thing coming...So ... more »

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Actually, good news I had a meeting today with the owners who have assured me that they will open the Monkey just for our party this year! It'll be on at the same dive! lol More details to follow but great location, we'll have to make it a good one....and ... more »