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Dropping Anchor by Jimmie's Chicken Shack

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If somebody asks you about your numbers just tell them " I have so fucking many of them I can't keep track so I had to number them" and walk away like a baller.

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Love how 3rd race in and he's in the main now too. Hoped it would shut the haters up. Josh is a pretty down to earth nice guy, glad he's having some fun with it and put it in the main last weekend.

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I just realized my old email was on my PMs meaning I didn't get anything. Sorry, I just updated it if you can send again.

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We got kicked in the balls on YZ's for next year. My dealership isn't huge but we sold 63 YZ's last year. They only gave us 41 for this year. So far Beta has gave us everything we got from last year as an allotment. Which is what helps keep the doors ... more »

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Our hometown boy Keaton Ward running up in the top 3 on a Blitz Motorsports YZ450F. Great job buddy!!!

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No, but it is kinda cheesy to race without numbers...

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paging Big Lenny. Big Lenny, you have a call on the JS7 phone. Big Lenny you have a call on the JS7 phone....

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Where does the 300 2 smoker come into this conversation??? I have a 21 YZ450f and a 21 Beta 300RX. The Beta is so much fun to ride but maybe not as good as the YZ overall in moto. But shredding berms on the 3hundee smoker is a hoot for me! Which at my ... more »

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You know Harley Davidson bought Stacyc right? The customer service went down faster than the Titanic when Harley took over. Still a great bike for kids to learn on but it's a joke trying to get help sometimes.

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I know the GH 24 hr you all have to ride the same bike. That makes me wonder how many bikes survive that race??? I have race the 24 Hours of Starvation Ridge over 10 times now. I have teamed up for all but one that I did Ironman in. Through the years ... more »

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I drive fast everywhere. My daily grocery getter commuter car is a 2012 Mazdaspeed 3. It sees the 120+ weekly out on the roads here in MT. My truck is a 1 ton Dodge diesel with a 6 speed manual. It isn't made to go fast so that keeps me regulated. LOL. ... more »

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Just an FYI of the title. The fly Formula Carbon (which is what you have) is a little different from the Fly Formula CC in the thread title. The CC is the cheaper carbon composite which has many of the same features with venting and Rheon but it isn't ... more »

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I agree completely KJ. Any women threads on here seem creepy to me. Hope all is well with ya buddy!!

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one word. EPIC

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I've raced a few times in the 102-105 range. Fuck that anymore. 2014 racing the 30A for a class win in 102 heat. Watched one of my buddies pull off the track and fall over as I was getting cold water poured on me at the finish line. It was brutal. Medics ... more »

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ROTFLMAO!!!!! Holy shit I busted out laughing at this!!! Well played sir... Well played.

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Considering Ryan is paid by Yamaha now and started his career on a Yamaha way back when I wouldn't put any money on his kids riding green when they are old enough.

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I have a buddy of Asian decent that I ride with. We were chilling around the backyard having beers one day and somehow got on the topic of "what is your biker gang name?" He won the best name with "Panda Express" and it has just stuck. He's the one that ... more »