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I have a buddy of Asian decent that I ride with. We were chilling around the backyard having beers one day and somehow got on the topic of "what is your biker gang name?" He won the best name with "Panda Express" and it has just stuck. He's the one that ... more »

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This is the stuff that tugs my heart strings and makes my eyes well up. My wife and I own a dealership and with all the struggles we have along the way stuff like this reminds me of why we have the passion for bikes we do. Seeing a little one get a bike ... more »

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Just a hottie with a body. Duh!

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We haven't heard anything much from Yamaha other than expect them later than normal. They are still trying to figure out how to get current bikes back to dealer showrooms. We haven't even been able to do the orders on MY21 yet either. I personally don't ... more »

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STFU Threatening to kill someone is NOT one step away from criminal. It IS a full step into a stupid thing to say in the heat of the moment but criminal? C'mon, get a clue! Even Alessi didn't take it seriously.

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I’d love to hear some of you ass clowns in here trying to call a race. Half of you twits more than likely couldn’t even survive 1 lap around a SX track let alone talk for 1 minute in the booth. But yet you are pro coaches on why the commentators suck? ... more »

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Same thing at my shop. We got 2 and they were gone before I could even ask the owner what "employee price" might be... So I have a stock 19 now.

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I agree with this one. The '16 450R I had was rather unexciting in the power delivery to say the least. Not that the bike was slow just seemed kinda boring smooth to me. The 17 and 18 450R on the mellow map is very smooth as well. Great engine for all ... more »

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Scotch bright. good to go.

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I had one for 5 years. Wife wanted a bigger toy hauler so we got rid of it for a KZ Sportster 30+ model. Worst decision ever!! Wish I would have never sold it. New one is a piece of shit, MURV is built solid, tows great, and did everything I wanted. ... more »

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We haven't even seen them yet. Honda hasn't released them as far as I am aware. At least they aren't showing availability on HondaIN as of right now. Would be pretty soon I would hope.

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Here's a hint for you. Ping has had a column in RacerX since the inception of the magazine back in 96ish if I remember correctly. The reason he still has column is the sarcastic humor is a hit with the masses. If you ever really knew the guy in real ... more »

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No, you are not correct at all. The "dealer prep" fee is not taking the suspension apart and greasing it. Setup fee is just that. Setting the unit up. Honda uses a flat rate on dealer setup times so it is set and even as an experienced tech those times ... more »

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THIS ^^^^^^^^ If you buy a new bike and plan to keep it for more than a few months do yourself a favor and just grease the suspension properly before you go anywhere. All brands are like this. Kawasakis though are one of the worst. I have had roughly ... more »

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Honda CRF450X. I have one. I have done a shit load of 24hr, 6 hour, desert, and GP races with it. Can't kill this bike, I have tried!!! A bit big and heavy for some but reliable as anything. Mine has all the upgrades for stator, HID lighting, big tank, ... more »

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My hats off to you good sir. Class act both you and DW15.

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St. Anthony dunes 2011
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Same for me except I have Sidi Crossfire SRS2

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You don't think maybe those "pros" could have waited till the hurt rider was off the track? Or even perhaps slowed down by the accident perhaps? Or does JA have no blame in any of this accident? Just curious.