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I fell asleep with about 9 minutes to go in the main, thinking to myself "Man its still effin boring watching one guy run away each race" then find out from my grandma (she's heavily into SX, hand to God) that "Fuckin Reed held Dungey up" so if my grandma ... more »

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724... anniversary for my wife and I.. got major brownie points for that one

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As long as you're on the pipe, my 125 can make it up just about anything I throw it at for the duration of the race... my clutch? Well, my clutch isn't happy.

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He is pretty talented on a dirtbike, but I was curious as to how he made it big like he did when he doesn't really do much from day to day. Papa Hodges seems kinda cool though

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^ Atleast someone said it. Everyone bashes on Dungey for his latest performance (albeit he is having a rough patch) but damn the hate on here for Dungey is real