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I am sorely mistaken then. I thought I heard KTM giving people a tough time. appreciate the clarification on that! Its always good to hear brands helping out the people who ride each week.

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I was reading how a guy rode with a stick through his radiator, managed to fry the top end on his 4 stroke and Beta covered the whole repair. I guess he had upwards of 200 hours on it and they still covered it. I never had any issues on my KTM to need ... more »

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I hadn't even brought it to the dealer yet. I just went to their online form to see if I would have a shot with getting it covered. Being that it's more of a wear item I assumed I wouldn't get it, but I've heard of Beta covering engines with over 160 ... more »

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Does anyone have any experiences with brands doling out warranties with their products? I.E. I had the rear shock seal blow out on my '21 Beta 390 with ~20 hours. Beta support emailed me saying that they didn't warranty seals on forks or shocks. I figured ... more »

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Moranz got Breece in the final corner for second. No word on DQ or anything yet

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It doesn't matter who they have on the broadcast, it won't please everyone. Wil does a good job imo. Joseph Allen on RDL is a little too animated with his hands when he talks, but the guy rides and doesn't do horrible. Diffey brings some excitement I ... more »

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Got the fat boy springs put in my ‘21 390. Paired that with a Scott’s steering stabilizer and BRP sub mount, and some minor goodies like an FMF and I’m absolutely in love with this thing so far.

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I ride with the mentality that you dress for the crash. At some point, you WILL have one.

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Honestly to me, the Recon with a tubliss is hands down the best combo I have had ever. The wear is even across the board and traction is ever lasting up in NE OH. For context I am a mid-pack B rider and I had 50 hours on my last Tusk and it had life ... more »

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I’m pretty sure I sent a reply to that PM but I’m not 100%

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Would you do 150 shipped to 44429?

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There’s just something about a fresh top end that just gets me all hot and bothered. Good lookin build so far!

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Don’t know if you’re still doing this, but If you are, what are the dimensions in the truck ID decals?

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724, as it’s my anniversary, but I don’t like being so close to the 722 so I was contemplating moving to 630 for my daughters birthday. In the end, I like the way they look on a bike so I’m torn

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1500 is more than fair. You guys are ruthless

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Those geico honda hats look pretty dang good!

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Cone pipes are so sexy. If i had a big bore id be all over it!

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I believe ray gollans Honda had some in warren ohio. Not sure how far that is from you, but last i checked they had i think 3 left.

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Im gonna hop on this in hopes a set shows up that you don't want lol

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I was finally leading a harescramble racing Open B (just a local but guys want their trophies i guess) we were only about 25 minutes into it and some guy gets too antsy and saws my front wheel off. I've never been hit so hard on a bike lol. Anyway, i

... more »