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Haha it makes sense now!

Added reply in a thread 02 Cr125 bottom end(blown crank) 3/10/2020 2:45 PM

I was thinking the same thing. The 2002 has potential.

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...thinks it's a KTM. Lol.

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So, it will live here forever. You're all welcome... Ad reads: "2019 KX450. I bought this bike to impress my girlfriend and my wife found out. My girlfriend was easy to impress so I never rode this thing very fast, just up and down her street a bunch ... more »

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I glass bead blasted one, JB Welded (with a greased seal installed), pulled the seal when dry and then black Cerakoted the inside and out of the cover. It worked well for about a year so far. Here is the only photo I have saved at the moment.

... more »
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I'm guessing you have a 1996 based on the "RF15A" part of the frame number. How do you your forks look? Does the bottom lug hang down quite a bit below the front axle? That would be an good indication as well. ... more »

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It says "Josh" Hill. Maybe they fixed it by now.

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Thinking of selling this stuff for the right price. It took me years of searching to finally find the matching jersey and gloves. Size 34 pants, large jersey, XL/11 gloves.

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Nice to hear the support from Marv and Mathilde - get well Brian!!!

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Man , I watched that race from start to finish , and forgot just how many crashes really happened. Lotta dudes hitting the dirt that night.

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Good job. Heat always helps on stuff like that too. Heat the aluminum to swell the opening. Often times, the bearing will just about fall out on its own.

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Agreed! Pilot jet, or dry carb.

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You want to take off the little spring backing plate from behind the brake pads? Hmmm... I'd assume some people run without them and don't even realize. Lol. Maybe do a quick ride down the street and see how it feels. I'd assume the pads can flop and ... more »

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Race gas will definitely change the fuel mixture and require a minor jetting change. I think it makes it run richer (and maybe that's why you fouled the plug). Someone can correct me perhaps. I would go back to pump gas and see how it runs.

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Dude. I'm gonna need some kx500 parts cleaned up. I will store your number and text you. Hopefully, we can meet up soon.

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Nice work so far! You've got my attention. The '99 PC bikes are one of my faves for sure!

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Is it really a surprise that Noren/Decotis had the results they did ? I was not sure either one would even make the main.

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Drain your coolant and oil. Pull off the right side engine cover and check you shift shaft return spring or, more than likely, the shift cam stop spring. You might have to pull the clutch basket to access them. The good news is, it's not likely to be ... more »

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I came off a 2014 yz450 as well. Man, that bike had great pickup off the bottom. My '19 kx450 only has 5 hours on it so far, but I love it! It's definitely smoother power, but it goes damn good when revved. The suspension is just as good and the icing ... more »

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I'm pretty sure the hubs are the same from '99 thru 2015, so the rotor will swap right over. I would just try it on, sharpie the brake pads, spin the wheel and see where the bigger rotor rubs on the pads- hopefully, it clears the caliper. 5mm may not ... more »