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I'd bet they already have someone in mind for the job and just have to put that out there for legal purposes/hr policy. It's not what you know (or how fast you were), but who you know.

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Unintentionally walked in the back gate a couple of years ago without paying. We just kept walking towards the track. I know I looked confused, didn't walk in like we knew what we were doing. Maybe its a thing after practice is over, I'm pretty sure ... more »

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I thought Stew got DQ for outside assistance on the PW.

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Because then every other Kawasaki(or PC) supported rider in that class would also file to claim the bike...and everyone else that is in the "in" crowd in that class. So then there are 10 people filing to claim the bike where a random winner gets the ... more »

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2009 - $4000 purse,20/Lake-County-Fair-Motocross,557011 2012 - $7500 purse,20/Lake-County-Fair-MX,1241562 2011 - results,20/Lake-County-Fair-Stadium-Motocross-Results,1221655 ... more »

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So amp'd to watch the hometown race with the hometown hero... I thought you'd go watch the race in person.

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There was about 10 minutes yesterday where I was getting 504's on here. Today seems back to normal, slower than most, but normal.

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I've lurked on vital for years waiting for the perfect moment to dig up a 5 year old post and make my first post about a bung.

Edit: Sorry my post makes no sense now, guy has deleted his post.
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Any updates on unauthorized drone guy?

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When someone digs up a 7 year old post about bitching.

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I hate cleaning/changing air filters. Even new ones.

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My 2008 CRF450 still has the 756 (original I'm thinking) on it. I actually ran out to the garage to verify. I did replace the 742 that was on the front with a Bridgestone.

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In 1992 at Loretta's, one of the 80cc motos there was a big crash along the tree line where a front wheel went through the wires of the fence and if I remember right broke a mother/grandmother's legs. She was sitting next to the fence in a lawn chair. ... more »

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GraysHarborORV cancelled for the weekend too.

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Ride them sure. I'll ride a girl of any size. Race? +30, +40, etc? No.

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Where have all the Bridgestone(s) gone?

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Next thing you know, someone will be questioning a team's choice of number font.

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Cool for the brand fans

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