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Chad has done an awesome job getting it back into shape. I think that he will find his groove running the place and he listens well to input, plus he is a rider himself. Epic yesterday. Did you ride it again today? I couldn't Moto today...snapped my ... more »

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Unless it’s cone valves and a Traxx, mods don’t mean much to most. 7500-8000 is fair. The bikes aren’t new anymore GLWS

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All the sunshine, none of the water. Lol It’s been hard to get any seat time, seems our nicest days have been weekdays lately, then it’s back to rain for the weekend 🙄

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Wish you had posted this a few weeks ago

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Looks like I’ll be buying a 2024 MC125 😎

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I’m excited to see Malcom outside for once. And I forgot KR was even riding outdoors. JA I think will finish 2-5 overall. I’m curious to see if Ferrandis will back it up while running the number 1 plate

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I'm a bit anal, but I typically go through and put high quality grease on every single bearing then go over the entire bike with a torque wrench. If I could buy bikes in the crate I would.

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I thought there was a rule about being pointed out for outdoors. Either way I think he needs to be on a 450.

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Looking for a clean Traxx or Supertraxx. Needs to fir a 2022 MC350. Selling my stock suspension to a vital member but need a replacement shock (already have cones). Let me know what you have, would prefer the newer silver bodied shock.

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I wish they would show leader time gaps. I know what brand they ride

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I’d buy it if it were closer, that’s a great deal!

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That is a crazy part of frame to break. It Looks to me like the welds failed

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He crashed while leading and bent his front brake lever. He got into it with Musquin after that while battling for third. He ended the night in sixth. Edit: I also believe that Jett Should ride 250's again next year in order to avoid going through what ... more »

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2004 was the one-off year. 2001-2003 were all same platform, as was 2005-2007. Only the RM250 was made in 08 which was its final year. I have a 2004 and it was a pain to source engine parts.

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I haven't seen SRH stickers in a while! lol

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Yup lots of fast names were there. Weimer, Boughton, Abrigo, lots of NW legends. Everyone around here knew Villopoto was special by the time he was on 60's

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I would love to see it. Him pulling a Justin Hill moment would be awesome, especially if he didn't throw it away like JH did. I doubt Honda will be that cool though. He has a #1 plate to defend this summer.

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I have an Azonic billet top clamp. I also have two extra sets of stock clamps, one from an RM125 and one from an RM250. The 250 clamps have oversize mounts on them, and I believe the billet ones do as well.

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No commentary stateside either. Peacock is such a joke 😂

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I watched Villopoto almost win the pro class on a 112 supermini at a huge local race after starting with the Intermediates (split gate drop) in 2003.