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I think I have bought somewhere in the range of 25-30 brand new bikes. Not 1 time have I stepped into the dealership before getting an OTD price over the phone. Wouldn't even consider it. If you are getting a price over the phone and it changes when ... more »

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I have a pro circuit linkage and a spare rear wheel for sale that came off my 18. $150 for linkage $300 for wheel. Comes with 50 tooth sprocket, rotor, Michelin StarCross 5 with only 3 rides on it.

... more »
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Motor mounts sold

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Rear wheel with tusk rim and oem hub. Michelin StarCross 5 with 3 rides on it. 50 tooth rear sprocket. $400

Pro circuit slip on exhaust. No dents $300 Works Chassis Labs motor mounts. Medium rear and soft front. $150 Pro ... more »

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2018 KTM 300 XCW

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I see the study having relevant data for sure. I don't wear a neck brace but a 3.5% rate compared to a nearly 20% rate is significant to me. Where they lose me with this study is the claim that those numbers mean you are 89% more likely to have a critical ... more »

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I said the same thing after practice. Least challenging Supercross track I have ever seen (for these guys). There wasnt one section that the faster guys were doing that everyone there wasn’t doing. Wonder if it is because of amateur day today? Easy track ... more »

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Got my 125 this winter. Only gotten to ride it once. Can’t wait for warm weather.

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2011 350SXF and 2017 FC350. I jumped at the idea when they came out in 2011. Probably had 2 hours when the transmission went poof. KTM eventually covered it but mine was one of the earlier ones to have issues so it took me a while to get it fixed. Probably ... more »

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PM sent

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Found a cheap shock off an 07 kx450f. It arrived this week and I did some playing around with it. The shock is a little over 6mm longer than the stock BFRC shock. I have the Pro Circuit lowering link. With that link the 07 kx shock will NOT fit. It lays ... more »

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Is the shock length the same from the BFRC to the kx shock?

Added a comment about press release Polisport Releases Honda CR125/250 MX Restyling Kit 6/4/2018 8:23 PM

When I go to this link I see nowhere to actually purchase. I am only interested in front fender and number plate but I can’t see where you can actually purchase. Just shows me the part number?

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Does anyone have a brake pedal spring for a 1995 cr 125. Or does anyone know of a different spring that will work in its place? I can no longer get an OEM one and have been searcing ebay for weeks with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is pretty close to in order of when I owned them. 1991 PW50 1995 ktm 50 1995 kx60 1995 cr80 2000 rm80 2001 CR125 2002 YZ250f 2003 YZ250f 2005 YZ250f 2005 yz 250 2006 yz450 2008 YZ250f 2008 yz450 2009 RMZ450 2011 ktm350 2011 crf450 2005 kx250 2012 ... more »

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PM sent Brent

Started new thread Looking for 1995 CR125 Cylinder 1/3/2018 4:24 PM

In need of a cylinder for a 95 cr 125. Does not need to be in perfect shape just needs to be able to be restored to working condition. Can’t find anything on EBay right now.

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I have a 17 300 xc-w. When I raced it the first couple times I could feel how hard that throttle was to twist late in the race. Did some research and in 17 they switched the throttle to a different style. I put the 16 ktm throttle and cable on it and ... more »

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Yes, just the clutch pack. It has rekluse plates, don't use any stock plates with it. Clutch pull is stiffer, but not too bad.