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Reply to If you wanted to embarrass your friends... 6/2/2016 8:43 AM

The biggest disadvantage to an old bike is the handling. Our 1989 RM250 is a plenty quick enough bike, its downfall is in the brakes and handling. On a flat and simple track it would not be a lot slower than a modern bike, its jumpy, rough, technical ... more »

Reply to Yoshimura saves me - Great Service!! 6/2/2016 8:35 AM

That's some impressive work, it looks like new! Must be a big relief to have it fixed, those RS-4D's look awesome. I would love one for my RMZ.

Reply to 2008 RM125 Rebuild. 6/1/2016 2:22 AM

I mounted up my stock RMZ clamps onto the RM last night and saw the same issue. I was thinking of welding some steering stop tabs onto the lower clamp itself, in a similar way to which the stock RM clamps are. But I think your idea would work equally ... more »

Reply to Unsure why everyone complains of air forks 6/1/2016 1:04 AM

My air fork experience was a bad one... The 2015 RMZ450 came with horrendously valved Showa SFF TAC's. I battled with those things for months before getting them revalved, even revalved I'm still not a huge fan. I've never been a set and leave person, ... more »

Reply to Rekluse? 6/1/2016 12:22 AM

I've got the Rekluse EXP disc in my RMZ450, it is fantastic. I've been on 2 strokes for 10 years so when I got my RMZ, I kept locking the damn thing up, couldn't take the tight lines I wanted to and just struggled in general in low speed situations. ... more »

Reply to 2008 RM125 Rebuild. 5/31/2016 6:33 AM

Slosh, I'm looking at putting some RMZ clamps on my RM250. How are you going about solving the steering stop situation? The RMZ clamps have a different style of steering stop to the RM. I won't be using a steering damper so I shouldn't need to remove ... more »

Reply to What type of music would you like to see more of in edits? 5/30/2016 4:36 AM

Metal \m/ (edit - need to learn how to link videos!)

Reply to The Great Outdoors 2002 edition 5/26/2016 11:56 PM

TGO: The Constant War 2005 has gota be my personal favorite. That was a big season, RC's first outdoor campaign on a Suzuki, coming off a 24-0 perfect season in 04 and a successful 05 supercross season. The arrival of James Stewart on a KX250 against ... more »

Reply to Riding Tips? 5/26/2016 12:50 AM

Improve your fitness. At intermediate level, chances are your technique is half decent and you have the basics down. The limiting factor is usually fitness, if your pace drops over the course of a race then there is tons of time to be made from just ... more »

Reply to The Great Outdoors 2002 edition 5/26/2016 12:25 AM

Such an awesome movie. I'm lucky enough to have all of the TGO series on DVD, took a fair few years to track them all down mind! If you haven't seen the TGO's from 02-06 I suggest you make it your priority to watch them!

Reply to Chris Canning to Race 125 in the Outdoors? Must read!! 5/25/2016 12:10 AM

Done! 889... 2 125's is looking likely and that is fine by me!

Reply to US Nationals, How to Watch in the UK? 5/19/2016 6:52 AM

Go off grid until SlickNick releases torrents for all the motos, they're usually up within 24 hours of the races being aired. Good quality, no adds and you can watch/pause/replay it whenever you want!

Reply to Clickers setup help, 16 RMZ Showa forks 5/19/2016 2:01 AM

As above, send the forks to a good local suspension company who has knowledge on the TAC SFF fork and get the valving sorted. I don't think anyone was able to find a good setting on the forks in stock form, myself included. I went through the same ordeal ... more »

Reply to Hinson Clutch Kit 5/10/2016 8:18 AM

Yeah I've seen them pop up from time to time so will keep an eye out, a pressure plate and hub would be really nice. Just bit the bullet and purchased a Hinson Basket. I managed to get one from America, posted, with customs and import duty pre paid, ... more »

Reply to 2017 Husqvarna Motocross Line! (New TC 250 2-stroke) 5/10/2016 12:17 AM

Mikuni carb for the 250 2T, interesting move. Wonder if that will be an improvement? Lovely looking bikes though

Reply to Hinson Clutch Kit 5/9/2016 8:33 AM

How is the basket holding up? Done many hours on it? Lovely RM!

Reply to Hinson Clutch Kit 5/9/2016 6:18 AM

Thanks for the info slosh! 4 seasons on the basket and no wear... that's impressive! If they really do last that long then that would certainly justify the extra cost and likely be a more economical option instead of using lesser quality baskets and ... more »

Reply to Hinson Clutch Kit 5/9/2016 6:16 AM

I've just done a quick bit of research and found out a few things. Baskets are readily available for 06+ RM's, there are a few UK sites that sell the hubs (£250 though!) and if you search the depths of eBay worldwide I found a Spanish company which claim ... more »

Reply to Airbrake Roll-Offs Not Good Enough? 5/9/2016 1:57 AM

I found the roll off system on the airbrakes really restricts your peripheral vision, the canisters either side are just too prominent and are off putting. I use O frames with a roll off system for when the conditions get nasty

Reply to How to get more performance with rm250 5/1/2016 12:59 AM

I've just dropped a 808 YZ250 racers choice piston in my 08. Runs well, noticeably crisper. I was running 0.3mm base gaskets with a ProX piston which made my squish gap 1.25mm. When I fitted the 808 piston I used a 0.3mm base gasket again but my squish ... more »