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Custom is always the best way to go, find a good company and work with them and you can pretty much get anything you want if you provide enough detail. However Rob Walters (DocWob) has a good selection on his ebay at the moment ... more »

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Edit: Just checked email and PM went into my spam folder so apologies for delayed response

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Check out Pulp MX's 'GP's Classic Steel' section. Basically reviews of loads of bikes covering a wide era of motocross. Very detailed and although bike specific, the reviews often compare that years model to other brands of the same year. Giving you ... more »

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Those are pure gold!

... more »
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I'm going! With regards to camping, do you guys reckon it would be possible to wangle in a caravan on a regular camping pass (£74) Really don't want to have to pay the £225 for the Silver Camping package just so we can have a deecent dump and a shower! ... more »

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Here's mine If you need any help or got any questions then don't hesitate to ask! Can do a lot with these bikes to bring them up to date/make them better to ride,43777/setup,43916?scope=newest&query=rm250&year%5B%5D=1989 ... more »
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For all those who haven't seen it..... Searle's response is brilliant

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Jeez... it just got better and better!

Lovely bike, done a great job. Awesome work on the photography as well, those backdrops make for some great photo's.
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Steven Clarke? Not necessarily saying he is a better pick than Searle but I'm surprised he hasn't had a mention. Definitely has flashes of speed and has the potential to pull a decent result.

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I'd definitely recommend taking your suspension to a shop. Getting the correct springs is always the best place to start, but the main issue with the suspension is the valving. MX valving is just far too firm for enduro. I rode my RM at 20 clicks out ... more »

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Yeah it was Llancilin I rode at, awesome place! Will definitely do another round there. I won't be at Tyn Twll though unfortunately. I've got 0 experience with RMZ250's. I've never owned or even rode one. So don't have much knowledge with the KYB air ... more »

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I've got a 2008 Suzuki RM250 which I am starting to do a few enduros on. I want to primarily use the bike for motocross, so do not want to start revalving the current suspension to suit Enduro's I have a set of Showa SFF TAC's from my 2015 RMZ450 which ... more »

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Oh wow! Thanks for sharing. Excited to see her finished!

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Unfortunately I didn't get to test the set up before the enduro, but I'm pleased to report that the set up worked really well! I can't pinpoint which mod made the most difference but I expect the 13oz FWW had the biggest effect. Then the combination

... more »
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Little update........ Not tested anything as of yet but will be this weekend. I'm going to fit the 13oz FWW. I also picked up an FMF Q Stealth Silencer. It's massive! Nearly 2 inches longer than the stocker. It looks pretty ridiculous but I think it ... more »

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What bike do you ride? I run the oil for 2/3 hours (depending on track and type of riding) in my 2 strokes and 5 hours in the 450.

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Start with a steel rear sprocket, it will save you a fortune! And use a dry chain lube, nothing sticky or gooey. Very good advice already posted above. I'll add frame guards and maybe even a sump guard to the list. I seem to scrub my plastics way more ... more »

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Getting the correct springs in is definitely the first thing to do. A rear lowering link will drop the bike around 10-15mm, you can then drop the forks through a similar amount.. Renthal McGrath/Short bend are nice and low. Its 999 in twinwall, cant ... more »

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Holy crap, that is literally my dream wheel set! They are beautiful, I need a set for my RM Can you give me some info? What brand are the hubs and where did you get the wheel set from?

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You're in for a treat, Farleigh is awesome. I've been lucky enough to get in the past 3 years at Farleigh in the EVO 250 class, but unfortunately I didn't get an entry this year.... gutted! The EVO250 class is fast, but very fun. Handling is key, get ... more »