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Lots of options here K-Dubbb. I guess the ultimate way to go would be to buy on 05+ RM125 which benefits from a different style rear linkage, different triple clamp offset, Showa suspension, along with a whole host of engine and brake upgrades. If you ... more »

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Thanks for the hard work ML! Absolutely love the Pit Bits part of Vital MX, your work is greatly appreciated. Keep 'em coming!

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Definitely a good upgrade and the PWK's are fairly easy to find. A lot of late 90's bikes came stock with the Air strikers such as RM250's etc. Check eBay and put a 'WTB' advert in the Bazaar section on Vital. In terms of jetting you would need to give ... more »

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+1 for the TLD. You can remove panels until you are happy, its very customizable. With mine, I've removed the upper arm/bicep protectors and plastic shoulder plates and it sits pretty much unnoticeable under my jersey, while still providing great coverage ... more »

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Nice job on the top clamp! Just gota do the lower to match now and it will look awesome.

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Niiiice! Must be an awesome feeling to have a pile of trick parts like that waiting to go. Should be a fun build! Looking forward to seeing the end result.

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The R304 silencer will reduce top end. A shorty adds mid/bottom at the expense of top end. You will need to make jetting changes to suit the Pro Circuit system, I went 2 main jets leaner when running a shorty silencer as opposed to the long stocker. ... more »

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Interested in a few of these parts. Can you email me at

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The difference in my fuel bill going from a 250 2 stroke to a 450 has been crazy. I use about £7 worth of fuel less each day of riding. Plus the premix oil worked out to be about £3.50. So that's a £10 saving on fuel alone each ride day going to a 450 ... more »

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What's the deal with the rear brake? It's not a regular 05 rear caliper, almost looks like one off a '97? Or is it a factory unit.

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Nice one thanks for that FahQ Looks really good! I emailed Talon UK who are the Braking distributor for the UK. They only have a disc in stock and not the adapter. I think I'm going to struggle to track one down but will keep searching, hopefully one ... more »

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Was waiting for someone to mention the RM250. Carmichaels 05 RM250 sounded crisp with that factory carbon R304. Pretty sure its even shorter than the off the shelf R304 which is also super raspy! Also agree on the RMZ450 with a Yoshi pipe. I love giving ... more »

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An NECJ in clip 2 is a touch on the lean side. There would be no harm in going to the middle 3rd clip and seeing how it runs. Your main is also a touch lean. I ran 168/170 in my RM, but then I am in a different country with different fuel etc to you ... more »

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Price Drop - £265 + postage Can post worldwide

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Open up your carb and tell us your current settings. Sounds like you may be a little lean

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Thanks for the responses guys! Good shout on the CRF master cylinder, read of a lot of people using them, even on the modern bikes as they are said to be the best Nissin master cylinder. Awesome news on the oversize kit! I will start searching around ... more »

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Honestly I'd say every ride is a little OTT for changing oil. If you use good quality stuff you can easily get 3 hours out of it. I change my oil every 5 hours and it still looks good then. I would recommend changing the oil filter at every oil change ... more »

Started new thread 1989 RM250 Front Brake Upgrade 5/22/2017 5:53 AM

Bit of a long shot but I'm struggling with the stock front brake on my 1989 Suzuki RM250. The whole system is fairly worn but in working condition, but in terms of power it is very weak. Even with new pads, disc, master cylinder rebuild, fresh fluid ... more »

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Man, what a bike! I'd pay $6000 for it for sure.