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What brand sprocket are you using? Have you installed it correctly? There should be a 2-3mm wide spacer built into the sprocket that sits up against the metal ring inside of the shaft seal.

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Out of interest, has Carmichael ever expressed his opinion on Aldon? Being the most successful rider under Aldons supervision, surely he has the most credible opinion when it comes to Aldon and his methods. Would be interesting to know RC's thoughts ... more »

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There are 1000's of reasons why our sport is so addicting... its fun, its hard, its challenging, you can always be better, your bike can always be better, the sense of achievement, the feeling that riding gives you, the rush, the thrill, the danger, ... more »

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Plenty of good videos about on YouTube on the subject, pretty much containing all the things listed above by fulltime. ... more »

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''The Boss of Husqvarna Europe & boss of KTM America will be attending Farleigh VMXDN 2016 with a full Factory Husqvarna for Jeff Emig! '' Well that's good news! Is Voase healthy now? I'm pretty sure he injured his leg/ankle quite bad at an Acerbis

... more »
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Same price as the Ride Engineering offering, but I'm my opinion the MotoStuff one looks nicer. Looks a lot like the factory part found on Stewarts bike, very trick!

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Can't say for 04 clamps, but 05 onwards RM's will take an RMZ front end once 1mm is bored out of the lower clamp. You can still use the RM brake system, just need an RMZ front wheel and axel for RMZ forks. Ebay will be your friend when trying to restore ... more »

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Bringing back the RM125 would be a great move by Suzuki, if they focused on just 1 2 stoke to begin with I think they could be successful. Despite the RM250 being a legendary bike I think the RM125 would out sell the RM250, if they were to bring them ... more »

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I didn't think Pro Circuit made the CF silencer for the CR's? Is it a one off by PC or a modified YZ/KTM silencer? I'd love one for my RM

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Can't believe this one has been missed out, this is my all time favorite Carmichael pic on probably one of the most iconic features on the AMA circuit.....

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It's a fairly easy job, usually just time consuming. All you need is a vice and a good socket set, place your linkage/shock/swing arm in the vice, place a large socket on one end (for the bearings to fall into) and use another socket, close to the size ... more »

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Zak, you won't be able to buy any 'off the shelf' graphics kits for your plastic set up and you will need to go down the custom graphics route. There are a lot of companies in the UK that would be able to supply you with matching backgrounds for your ... more »

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I think DeCoster is going to have a tough time choosing, so long as everyone stays injury free. MX1 has to be Tomac MX2 Savatgy MX3 Webb or Seely I'm a Barcia fan but I don't think his confidence is overly high right now based on his season so far, Seely ... more »

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If you like the RM and have put a fair bit of time and money into it, which it sounds like you have, then don't sell it. Your RM is the last of its kind and it will become harder and harder to find one in similar condition. Also you will most likely ... more »

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Which Rekluse kit do you have? The full system (Core EXP) or just the expander disc (EXP 3.0)? If its the EXP disc then check that your 'free play gain' measurement is correct at the lever. If this is wrong then your bike wont idle when in gear. If everything ... more »

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You know jumps are getting too big when they are injuring pro riders with factory suspension

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Here's a cool one for RM250's Made by DPR, can't say I've heard of them before? Looks like a genuine cone pipe to me, and for £230 posted is a pretty damn good price!

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Well I've got an 08 RM250 which I will never sell, dad has an 06 RM125 and 1989 RM250 (both mint) which he also wont sell. So there are a good percentage of bikes which just stay in peoples garages. I have also broke and sold an 06 RM250 which I bought ... more »

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Rear brake bolt Rear brake clevis pin Brake pad pins Brake caliper/bracket pins Rear Suspension bolts No idea if it would be of any benefit but maybe clutch actuator arm and push rod? Foot peg pins?

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I think the only gamble would be trying to use a pre 16 bracket and a 16 caliper. If you were to use both a 16 bracket and caliper then yes it should theoretically fit no problem as like you said, the fork lug spacing and disc dimension hasn't changed. ... more »