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I've found using a soft solder wire to be the best way. You will want to remove the head, then bend the wire through the spark plug hole and ensure it comfortably reaches the edge of the cylinder head. Then reassemble, gently turn the engine over (works ... more »

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If you can't get behind them to punch them out then you can always use a dremel and very, very carefully grind the bearing away at one point to relieve the tension so they will drop out. I always file a small groove into my link arms so I can get good ... more »

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Maintenance wise these things are pretty easy. I just run a rag around each chamber after a ride to remove any dirt then give them a light spray with GT85 (any other thin oil would do). They work noticeably smoother when lubed. I don't have any issues ... more »

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This could be good for Suzuki, they may not have a championship contender but there sure will be a hell of a lot of yellow in the top 10!

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Yep! Would add another aspect to the racing and make it even more exciting

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Exciting times, I'm all for the electric bike, as stated already it has many many positives which address serious issues in our sport. I can see electric bikes in the future, but I don't see it being a fast transition. The moto industry is so invested ... more »

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Couldn't agree more! Hope this is true, I'd love to see what the JGR boys do with the RMZ's. They made plenty of trick in house parts for the YZF so hopefully they will do the same for the RMZ. I wonder what triple clamps they will run....

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Nope! It was a direct fit

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Stock on the 89. I have an Ohlins TTX shock of a 2008 RMZ250 on the back of the RM250, and RMZ450 Showa A Kit forks on the front. Sounds good! Post some pics of your progress. Give me a shout if you get stuck with anything

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No I doubt they would as the plate is a Factory piece only, until this guy did a replica. Only the graphics guys who do the factory team kits will have the template currently 30 Euros which is around $35 or £26 for me. Doesn't allow for UK or USA shipping ... more »

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I just spoke to Merge Decals in the UK. He said he could make a graphic so long as I sent him the plate for him to get a template from. I'd imagine it would be the same for most other graphics companies?

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Holy crap, I'm putting my order in quick, those things are guna sell fast! Thanks for the heads up!

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An awesome read, learnt some moto history from that! Really cool reading about the development, grinding a tweaking loads of cylinders to see what works. I bet that was a fun era to be a mechanic! 35-37hp from those 90's bikes as well.... I wonder how ... more »

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A very good line up this year, it's guna be awesome!

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I didn't hear the pulp mx show, but standing has to be the better of the 2. Watching Unadilla exemplified this, Roczen/Musquin looked best through the long rutted sections as opposed to Nicolletti's sat down dangly feet technique which looked sketchy ... more »

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There's one with the A Kits, one with the RMZ SFF TAC's and one of me riding it for good measure! ... more »
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RMZ axel blocks would work if you made a sleeve to compensate for the different axel size (RM is smaller) Cooper 688 did this to his RM (see his insane RM250 bike check) Quite a few RMZ parts work on an RM, some take more work than others. I have a 2008 ... more »

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Don't ignore your bike. Fitness and technique are main aspects to overall speed but you also need a bike well suited to you in order to go fast. Get the suspension done, or re-done if you still have complaints in certain areas. Make sure your sag is ... more »

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Completely agree as well. When the bikes are so damn fast (especially 450's) there can't be any real advantage to being that light. Cianciarulo still pulls starts and he is one of the biggest dudes in the 250 class, M.Stew rips on a 250 in supercross, ... more »

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An awesome bike, great work! I'm incredibly jealous of that CF silencer, any chance of a video of it running? It must sound so crisp and sharp. It's funny, when I first got my RM I really didn't like the stock front mudguard and number plate. Now I think ... more »