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Thanks guys! Still loads more to come. The bike is actually nearly finished, I just need to get round to writing it all up and sorting through the pics! Expect more updates soon. Sixeightone: Tell me about it, I'e been trying to get my hands on the Light ... more »

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For the suspension I went ahead a bought a KYB ENZO factory fork and a virtually new standard KYB shock from an RMZ250, complete with Pro Circuit clamps. For Enduro use I plan on using the stock RM forks with the new KYB shock. I really like the stock

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The goal was to make the bike as Enduro friendly as possible, but without doing any permanent modifications (porting etc). To start I tore the bike down to the frame to get it powder coated gloss black. I was super lucky and managed to bag a mint condition

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In June 2017 whilst doing my usual weekly ebay browse I came across a super low hour 2008 RM250. It looked pristine in the pictures and with an asking price of £3100 I couldn’t say no. I went to view the bike and it looked even better than in the pics.

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It's questionable as to whether he will ever get back to the speed he was showing at the start of the 17 SX season. But I'd like to think he will, certainly looks promising at the moment. I'd say once he has won a couple of races, straight up beating ... more »

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Apologies for thread jacking... but for those of you that have used the 100/90 fatty front tyre, what conditions suit this tyre best? I'm competing in an Enduro series this year. However the places I'm going to be riding are mostly field/woods sections, ... more »

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Interested in the black pants. Emails some pics and a price to Thanks!

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I'd guess the JGR RMZ450's to be in the low 230's. I've seen regular guys (with deep wallets) on other forums take their old model RMZ450's down to 226lbs. So it would be fairly safe to assume the JGR bikes to be around 230lbs, the new 18 RMZ450 is generally ... more »

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Yep 04 and 08 RM shocks are the same

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+! Good to see him back up there and putting in another solid weekend. Yamaha are surely going to keep him. Not to bag on Davi, but if he was fit and rode the past 2 rounds I have doubts as to whether he would have been able to get the results that Barcia ... more »

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Very cool! That's a nice stack of parts you have already. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this

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I haven't had chance to ride with the KYB yet, and it will be difficult to compare as this year I'm doing Enduro racing on the RM250 so I have had the KYB shock re-valved for Enduro use. However I'm hoping it will work well with the extra adjustability ... more »

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I don't believe power is the issue (if the bike is even that significantly down on power). To put it into perspective, I don't remember Stewart having any issues with his KX125 when he was smashing riders on 250f's left right and center, and you can ... more »

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I'm a Tickle fan but I had my doubts over how much faster he would be. Still early days, but he has a ways to go before he is a regular top 3 contender. I think he will do better outdoors where the potential improvements in his bike and fitness can really ... more »

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I'm 99% sure the shock will fit. The RMZ250 and RMZ450 shocks are the same length. The Showa is a little lower profile than the KYB from your RMZ250 so I don't think clearance would be an issue either. With regards to the forks you will need to compare ... more »

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Cool, thanks Bruce. Good to know!

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Here's a pic of my 08 RM250 with a 2009 RMZ250 Ohlins Shock fitted. I also own a 2015 RMZ450 and the standard Showa shock from that fits. And just this weekend I have also fitted a KYB shock from a 2016 RMZ250 to my RM250 (although it was tight and required

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Are they suitable for the RM frame though? The relationship between the top of the teeth and peg pin is different between the RMZ and RM peg. The RMZ peg is a lot flatter and lower profile and would surely sit 5-10mm lower in the RM frame than the RM ... more »

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You either need to find another point on the rim to set your dial on, or repair the dented areas back to flat so that you can true of the rim edge. Sounds as though you could benefit from running mousses or a Tubliss system!

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This guy has been getting a lot of my business lately. UK based seller Very good price, super ... more »