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Whoooaaaaaaaaa! Where did these come from? Are they made for an RM? They look insane Looking forward to seeing this progress

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That's awesome! I've also raced Weston a few times and always chatted with mates about how cool it would be to have a go on a side car.... fair play for actually making it happen. Between a bike, quad and sidecar, the sidecar looks by far the hardest ... more »

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Pull the clutch pack out and remove the 2 'judder' springs that are at the base of the pack by the clutch basket. This will drastically reduce clutch drag and improve the feel of the bite point.

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There should be markings just underneath the bottom needle clip groove. An NEDH needle is stock for that model RM, in clip 4 from the top.

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Been following this on Instagram from the start and its been enjoyable seeing it progress. Incredible attention to detail and an insane amount of skill has gone into the build.The handmade pipe, tank and kickstart are super impressive. I find the graphics ... more »

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Black spooge out the power valve vent pipe. Jetting maybe a tad rich, or due a top end refresh, but generally nothing to worry about.

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I'm 26 and wear one all the time. Always have. I don't crank it up super tight but enough to provide some support. Personally I just like the fact it fills the void between my pant waist line and bottom of my TLD chest protector. I wear a TLD kidney ... more »

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My dad wearing his team Castrol jersey in 1980

Me wearing it in 2018. Still mint, no tears, not faded, wouldn't know it was 38 years old! I have people asking me where to get one all the time. ... more »
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FMF Q Pipe, as pictured here on my bike. Should be able to get one easy enough. Anodize it blue and viola! Same pipe as TP
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There are some good suspension guys on this forum, so hopefully they will chime in. But to get the ball rolling, I think the main issue with fork sag is to do with the amount of friction in the forks. They do not move as freely and accurately under smaller ... more »

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That silencer is no joke the same size as the FMF Q Pipe I use on my RM250 for enduros. It makes it super quiet and kills the power off a bit too. Why FMF gave him a silencer like that for this event is beyond me. Awesome pic though!

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Tomac and Barcia, although utterly fantastic riders, have had a few too many bad MXoN's now. I cant see how they will be fired up for the event after the run they've had over the past few years, and I cant blame them. I think team USA will need a fresh ... more »

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Who did you use to source all the genuine RM parts? Looking to replace a load of parts of my 89 RM250 Very nice work so far, going to be one hell of a bike when its done!

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Everything that pawpaw said! I like to try and keep things moving too. so ever 2 weeks/month - give the wheels a good spin, pump the suspension, if you cant start the engine then cycle it round on the kicker a few times. Pump the brakes and push the ... more »

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If you aren't in a rush and willing to wait till mid 2019 latest then maybe do that. I purchased my 15 RMZ450, in May 2015. It had been owned by some total beginner who decided the bike was too much for him after a few rides. I paid £4500 for it and ... more »

Added reply in a thread Rmz 05+ triple clamps fit rm 250 2005 10/1/2018 12:02 AM,46/Suzuki-RM250-Enduro-Build,1333115?page=2 Check out page 2 on my build thread. Went into detail about RM - RMZ triple clamp and suspension fitment based on my experiences

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Ah shame, I'm Worcester based, so over 3 hours south of you. Otherwise I could of helped point you in the direction of some good local bikes for sale. Yeah you're guna need a van, or a trailer at the very least. MX bikes are for designated tracks only, ... more »

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Where abouts in the UK are you based John?