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The Pro Carbon guard on my RMZ450 has lasted quite well. It dulls off after around 10-20 hours, but can easily be given its 'shine' back with a quick flash of GT85 or Maxima protective coat etc. The downside is they do crack, I think its luck of the ... more »

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I don't have the photo to hand, but when I went to the MXdN at Ernee in 2015, there was a guy riding an RM250 for one of the lesser talented countries (Israel maybe?) Their team didn't qualify for the A Main but he rode the entire weekend on the bike ... more »

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From my experience of owning an RM250 for 8 years... FWW's work (the RM has a lighter FW than the YZ as stock anyway). I tried both a 6oz and 13oz. The 6oz didn't make enough difference to warrant the cost. Longer silencer = smoother power. Shortys sounds ... more »

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Yep sorry, total brain fart there. Forgot which thread I was on and thought you had an 01

In that case you are correct, another airboot will not work. I have an 89 RM250 so similar ish era and the design is totally different to the ... more »
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The RMZ frames are stiff. As Rotaholic said, remove a bolt from the upper engine hangers. This will make the most noticeable change. Alternatively you can modify the mounts at the top and lower front of the engine. Either drilling holes or machine them ... more »

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I beleive the airbox/airboot changed in 04 (I think) Pretty sure they kept the same carb throughout the 2000's so that isn't the issue. You may need to get an 01-03 airbox, that's quite a big gap you've got there!

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Awesome start to what should be a great build thread! Love the commitment to an old bike on the brink of death. Always good to see them get rebuilt instead of scraped or broken for parts. Keep it coming, and don't be afraid to post to ask for parts/help. ... more »

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Stock jetting is a little rich on the RM's. Try a 48 or 45 pilot, air screw 1.5 turns out to start. Make sure your carb is spotless and float height is set correctly.

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No sorry, this has been sold

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Here's a bargain,26/Troy-Lee-Designs-CP5900-Chest-Protector-Adult-Medium,1341138?unread

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Not a 2 stroke but a similar era - my late fathers 1980 Suzuki GSX1100. Beleive it or not this has covered 83,000 miles. The engine was rebuilt to 1170cc and re painted, and everything was given a thorough clean and polish this past winter. ... more »
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It doesn't look too bad from those photos. Not much 'blow by' so the rings are still doing their job. But I would strongly recommend doing the top end within the next 10 hours of ride time. A small investment in time and money but has to potential to ... more »

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I may be interested in the modified tank on your RMZ250 if you are selling that separate?

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Generally a good idea to chuck a new top end in, unless you 100% know of current top end hours. Alternatively remove the exhaust and have a look at the piston condition through the exhaust port. Replacing all the fluids is cheap but beneficial. Complete ... more »

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Only way to find out is to try. But with a completely different swingarm/hub design etc I'd say chances are slim without a fair amount of modification involved. I have a sneaky feeling the rear disc is a little smaller on the 1990 compared to the 2000 ... more »

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^^^ ''With Suzuki set to release a number of new models over the next few model years – including a new Hayabusa, GSX-R600, GSX-R750, and the supercharged Recursion'' I cant see any of the above appealing to the Indian market. This is good news for Suzuki, ... more »

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About the same as he is doing now

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What sizes are the black (middle left) and blue (bottom right) kits please?

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Did you go to the Matterly MXoN? The track rode well but it was hard work for us spectators. Some areas were a boggy mess, and with the off camber banks it made getting around the place hard work. It was fairly wet that week/weekend of the MXoN but nothing ... more »

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Not stoked on Assen but at least its within driving distance, love a good road trip. Matterly in March will be a total mess. If its anything like the March we had this year they may even struggle to run it.