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One big thing I've found over the years since this thread took off.... you cant beat OEM! I tested between the standard shock and the Ohlins, which was re valved specifically for the bike, and I preferred the standard shock. The RMZ450 link also got ... more »

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Be careful with shocks on your 03. I'm pretty sure 04 onwards is a different length (shorter). I'm sure I've seen people use 04+ shocks but they change the lower mounting clevis to an 03 style but you might want to research this to be safe. You've also ... more »

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It’s time to bring Nationals back to Texas!

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I had the same issue on my rmz450 with the OEM plastic base. I ended up stapling it like a conventional cover and its been fine, its a great cover, looks awesome and grips nice. But the Velcro system is pretty pointless

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Suzuki RM250 2008

They are Pro Carbon guards that I managed to bag off EBay many years ago. They don't pop up often and are the kind of part you need to search for relentlessly until you find them!

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This bike is too good! Where did you get the frame side protection? the black plastic one on the right side thanks!

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Awesome work, love the period correct graphics! Its going to look mint, keep it coming.

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If you cut a few mm off the threaded portion of the rear brake caliper rod, it will allow you to set the clevis higher on the rod, and therefore create a lower rear brake pedal position.

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722 was holding the kill button on when kicking?

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The chances of this sale going through are pretty low. The serious Suzuki guys are on the newer models so a fair chunk of the stuff you have wont fit on the newer models. And then the casual Suzuki guys (and there aren't all that many) like myself don't ... more »

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2015 Barcia JGR Inspired replica

... more »
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I really love Pit Bits but is it too much to ask for more "Pit pics"? It would be cool to see pictures of the EMX and WMX bikes and setups too!

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Sweet build well done

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1989 Suzuki RM250 - 2019 Season
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Price? Looks similar to the linkage on my 1989 RM250

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Hi upyar. Keep the clutch exactly the same as stock when removing the judder springs, and re assemble as shown in the exploded diagram. You will experience less drag and a more precise engagement with the judder springs removed. Cheers

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Needs more pits less track

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I have been following/watching SX since the early 80’s and it seems to me that each year the tracks have become smoother and have started to look like roads. What about ripping the tracks to make them deeper? Yes it would cause more ruts but I believe it would also slow them down. Just my...more

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For Aluminium, vapour and/or fine media blasting(such as glass bead blasting) to even the finish and remove stains. Then polish to the desired finish.

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As a guess I'd say that it could be in relation to what fuel is required, so 98 octane in this case. A squish measurement would help to confirm this. But that stamp is 100% not from the OEM. Likely done by a tuner.