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The RMZ450 motor is really nice for most mere mortals. It was my favourite part about my RMZ, strong, smooth and confidence inspiring. It may be a few horses down compared to a YZF but its not slow by any means. If you do want to pep it up a bit, a screenless ... more »

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1989 Suzuki RM250 - 2019 Season

Thanks dude, I have responded to your PM, hopefully you get it

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Awesome suace . I'm taking inspiration from your build. Even trying to get the same shock made by the same company.. still waiting to hear back tho

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The Race Tech Suspension Bible is really good for covering all the basics, and it does go into a decent level of technicality as well. Covers most of the suspension types over the last 20/30 years, as well as the tooling required for working on them. ... more »

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I used them recently. I'm based in the UK, no issues with delivery here, took less than a week. I did get stung with a hefty import charge though!

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Nice work! Keep it coming

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Large items like that, no its not worth it. Small items however can be cost effective. Tell the seller to declare the goods as $50 or below, you wont get stung with import fee's then. You do however run the risk of only getting $50 refunded if your parcel ... more »

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At the very minimum we can keep this thread bumped up in the forum Shocking how he's been able to deal with people in this manner for this long

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Could really do with a 50 post minimum before being able to send DM's. Would certainly help reduce the ease at which these spammers can work. This guy is making a new profile every week

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Looks like he got inspiration from the Alessi / Tickle take out from years ago. Bit wild and reckless, Norens hand looks gnarly

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Selling a brand new exhaust system from a 2015 Suzuki RMZ450. Should fit 2008-2017 but please check to be sure. Used for first start up, then removed. So the exhaust has never seen a track. £170 posted in the UK

... more »

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I have a 1989 Suzuki RM250 that I've fitted a set of 1994 RM250 forks too. Has anyone come up with a way to fit a starting device on an older style fork like this one? The fork guard, with the fork guide ring style arrangement makes fitting a starting ... more »

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I'm seeing quite a few people after these parts, including myself. Surely there has to be enough interest to warrant Hinson doing another run of these RM250 components? With the birth of the 'Evo Ultra' class here in the UK (2003-2008 bikes), this already ... more »

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Nice! Keep it coming. Are you going to ride it stock before making any changes?

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Owned an 08 RM250 for 13 years, had 2 over that time - Great bikes, fantastic chassis that is nimble and just 'feels right' to me, responsive yet solid. Head shake is just from poor set up, easily cured with good chassis balance and spring rates. I never ... more »

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Count me in

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Count me in

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No problem, need to keep people aware, especially newer users as its easy to get caught out

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Watch out for messages from fake accounts, lots of scamming going on lately,26/Scam-alert-nickh,1382588?page=3

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Count me in