I can never find the 25-30 Canadian dollars I bring home every year from Toronto and, this year was no different, as we set out up through Ohio, into Michigan, over that scary bridge in Detroit. Then into Ontario and, Canadian Customs. I had solely American buckaroo$ in my fat, George Costanza wallet, which, oddly, can be used almost anywhere in that place up north, yet they generally issue the Canadian currency as change. No dollar bills though, nor are pennies tolerated…

We blitzed across route 401, following Lake Erie up until it meets Lake Ontario, then went up the coast to the sprawling, cosmopolitan city of 2.3 million residents – Toronto!

Bouncing through a busy downtown at a combination rush/happy—hour, we found our very posh and vintage Hotel Fairmont, and deposited our Ogios and went in search of vittles and liquids. Located about a ten minute and convenient walk from the Rogers Centre, it seemed the city was abuzz in its chilly splendor with hockey talk, swears about all the construction – and, the rumors that this may well be the last Supercross in Toronto. (Which would bum me out, personally.)

I guess it is often about perspective, but, for me, I’ve been attending this “foreign” and very unique round of the Monster Energy Supercross series for the past six or seven years, and I genuinely love that city-on-the-lake. It seems rather safe to be out at night, they have a vibrant downtown scene with exciting taverns and a diverse selection of culinary fare and, it is just a refreshing change from the traditional American downtown.

This Rogers Centre stadium with a hotel-built-right-in, was properly prepared with a large, fun crowd, well doused with the local KEITH’s IPA brew,  a very dry-dirt course and cheese curds on top of gravy -atop fries - floating about the concourse.

Hey, you know how JS7 is able to squirt around the inside of the first corner in fourth, even when he gets a crappy start? Well, this time he did NOT and was pretty much last, heading into the second section, yet he is James Bubba Stewart so, as he is capable of, he stalked the entire field, pounced upon them and finished them all off. That’s pretty much all you need to know about that…

Somehow, between practice sessions, I found myself in the middle of a street protest, we partied at a bar called “C’est What?,” I sighted five Megabus’, three black squirrels, a long line at the new Ripley’s Aquarium and, a homeless gentleman snarled at me as I took his picture…

Bye, Toronto, we shall miss ya, dammit.

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