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80 CR390

Love the white tank, and gold trim!
I didn't know C&J made alum swing arms for this bike.
I have a 79 390 OR as well as an 80 390 CR as well as other late 70's & early eighties Huskys that I'm putting back together...
Beautiful bike, great job!

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80 CR390
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20190306 064045

Great picts, love the 490!!!

You sent me a message, however, I wasn't able to get the reply to "send".

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Thanks Scott, will do! Roy

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Thats awesome ohiomotoxer! Would love to hear more about the RPM mods, are they still around, doing hop-ups?

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Sure would be schweet if Mitch started making some pipes for this era again, and maybe even doing some engine work. I have 5 Huskys I'm putting together now; 1979 250CR (rider/racer), 1979 390OR (restotation), 1980 390CR (rider/racer), the 83 250CR (tribute/rider/maybe ... more »

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Thanks ninety3, that's tremendous coming from you!!!

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I'm so glad I found this site. You guys are the real deal, and have "been there, done that" at a professional level! I love reading your posts, and look forward to reading more. I had 16 husky's, from 1970 thru 85,+ newer ones (recently sold my 2015

... more »
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Hi Scott, I have a pair of 1979 OEM Husqvarna Curnutt rear shocks that I've had hanging in my shop for forever, recently pulled them down to clean and sell them, they are in amazing condition. I bought a 79 OR 390 yesterday that's fairly clean, all because

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Old Husky's
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Roys Refurb

I mostly refurbish late 70's to early 80's Huskys, have a lot of old original parts.
the picture is of an 1982 250 CR that I recently refurbed, such a beautiful bike, sorry to say I sold it, fortunately it went to a great home. I have 5 more vintage Husky's; 79 ~ 83 that I'm furbishing, or restoring.
Whats the difference?
The refurbs are cleaned up, touched up a bit, but mostly original parts and paint. Each part cleaned and hand scrubbed to bring back the original finish...beautiful...and Wow!
Restored is stripped of the finishes and re-finished, usually very few if any original fasteners, rubber, parts, etc.
I picked up a 79 390 OR yesterday, it was in great shape, and will be restored, since the frame was repainted and I have a perfect black, gold and chrome tank, that was taken off when it was new, never had gas in it, and I have the OEM fenders, the rear still in the original Husqvarna sealed bag, that I bought from Ron Bishop 35 or so years ago, new OEM rear brake pedal, and perfect handlebar clamps and the original gold OEM bars and spark arrestor, but the real Crown Jewel is the hardly used low mile, near perfect set of the OEM Curnutts that came on the 1979 OR 390, I have had these so long, I finally pulled them from the rafters, cleaned them, and was contemplating selling them, when I spotted the 390 OR on Craigs List, so the shocks were the reason I got the 390 yesterday...those are so nice, I wont be restoring them, they still have the nitrogen charge...already working on the bike, and loving it, since I've had five 390's, and am also in the process of refurbing a 1980 390 CR.
Also in work is a nearly complete resto-mod 83 250 CR that I'm building as a factory team bike, since the 82 team bikes were essentially the 83, that Husky came out with, except the 83's were white, I've powder coated the frame in silver, and have a John Lefevre (Vintage Husky) painted red n chrome (polished alum) tank, 86 forks (painted gold, as well as painted the silencer gold), the engine was completely rebuilt by Ron Bishop in 1998 (been sitting in storage for most of it's life, pulled it apart and went back thru it recently), the bike is stunning and looks like new, I intend to show it off at vintage events soon.

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