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First ride video here

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Every part on a new KTM design is Cad designed and their revision of each product every few years they make changes reducing the weight. this and investing in the latest casting methods has payed off. The Jap bikes for the most part are the same as they ... more »

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You mite find of those 52's have Alloy lower tubes, not steel. I believe the Black DLC coating has to be applied at a very high temperature inside a vacuum chamber. This high processing temperature can affect the tempering of the Alloy tube an maybe ... more »

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Just wondering who where or how the Akadize inner clutch was done? any info ?

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They are Dutch DPR is "Dutch Power Racing" Peit DeGroot makes them he used to make all the Factory Kawasaki pipes for the DeGroot world championship team, Great guy knows his stuff and they are inexpensive. Hard to comunicate with them speeking not much ... more »

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For 98 I would just buy the vortex and its preprogrammed maps will be fine. I am a fan of the product I feel they come set up better out of the box better than the get.

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I comes down to volume. The market for tuning cars is huge in MX it is maybe 2% of the mx market wants their bike mapped and with mx less than 1% of the auto world your never going to see someone devlope a tool like that. My self i have bought honda ... more »

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All the new KTM switchs are a little more than "Switch" The have software and firmwere in them and they are set for each of the models and this means a 250sxf switch doesnt work on a 450Sx and each bike model has diferent settings. also it is worth pionting ... more »

Added reply in a thread Supercross Live? shit service? 3/12/2017 12:50 AM you can still get on and piss your money away for no return!

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Keep you money in your pocket they are shonky as shit it is a rip off. I had a simlar expearance with the GP wecast a few years ago. Nether will ever get any of my money ever again!

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The knob jockys still took the money.... but no show WTF is that?

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Can someone explaine why they let you pay $20.00 US$ to veiw the race and find it unavalible? spent a hour trying to get the shit to play. and after the race there is no arcive. Why is this accepable I want my money back! The supercross series needs ... more »

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Avgas works great... the storys about this reason or that not to use it are usally told by someone who dosnt know or was told a load horseshit by a guy who sells race gas. We used it in Australia in all.the factory yamaha race teams i ranin the 80s 90s ... more »

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this guy is selling a set

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He was Shitting bricks........double checking tripple quad checking..... the shit that goes through a Mechincs head is wild LOL.

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Holly is awesome no bullshit off the cuff comments not canned practice coments.

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Caleb is one of the best young riders from Australia. He is from West Australia where it is sandy. His family has supported his racing an spent plenty of time and money supporting his racing with them spending a bunch of time over on the east coast to ... more »

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I worked for Three Factory Teams here in Australia (YAMAHA KAWASAKI and KTM) and each and every contract had a clause that stated if caught cheating under the racing rules or laws of the land your contract would be cancelled. There was no one I was working ... more »

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The 17 head is way better stock than the 14-16 and the 17 has cams very close to the GYRT cams for the 16. The 17 also has a much stronger rod which is important if your a bit of a rev limiter bandit. The 17 is @ 3-4 Hp up on the 16 Stock and a very ... more »