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If I was looking for a head for a CR125 I would be buying a VHM Head. The STD bike has a Metal Head gasket and tends to have detonation issues. When we raced the Bike back in the day we had to run the compression low or pay the price in Detonation and Head gasket failures. The VHM head has a two piece design and runs two O ring's eliminating the steel gasket. The alloy to alloy transfers the heat out of the head better and you can run higher compression to bring the power up to a more competitive level compared to the YZs and KTMS of the day.;

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I was around when the switch over to DLC from TiN started. we thought at the time there was no real world advantage friction wise and my feeling was it was a fashion thing... in the intervening years there has been issues with quality of many DLC suppliers ... more »

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She is lean, piston is getting hot and the ring is moving in the softened piston and catching in the port. try leaded race gas and a bigger main jet.

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Todd and his Dan have been in the states for a few weeks getting set up for a run at the nationals. They bought a van and where going to hit the road old school and work and live on the road. This HRC deal sounds like opportunity. He raced the GP before ... more »

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I have used them here in Australis. The guy thst makes them John Rickman was Partners in Finer Filter and sold it to uni filter back in 03 or 4. He started devloping the filters he sells now Funnel web filters about ten or 12 years ago. He actually supplied ... more »

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Guys that make and sell race fuel will tell you that..... True story a while back in the 90's the Factory Yamaha World Championship road race team was testing at a circuit in Sydney and had sent their equipment and fuel over for the test Sonoco was making ... more »

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Allways looks better if it all lines up but over the past few years there is some good evidence that the smaller boost port is better going by later KTMs...

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The Euro tracks some times have a bunch of rocks and the split pins tend to get mashed up and every now and then one or part of one falls or get pulled out. The euro mechanics like to keep the split pin up top where they can keep an eye on it and it's ... more »

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Back in the 90's we had some factory swing arms delivered to my team that the previous team manager had ordered. 6x swing arms showed up with price tag of $15,000 each. I freaked out and asked my Japanese boss to find out how the hell they could be that ... more »

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The dude is a Diabetic and has had some kind of low energy deal the makes training and racing pretty much impossible at a pro level. He has stepped back and runs a track that is very well liked a few hours south of Sydney. He doesn't have Aids....just ... more »

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I have seen two bikes that made noises that the owners did not like. Boke turned out to be the starter idle gear and starter clutch. Both times we fitted up some parts from a donor bike and the noise dissappeared. Both times we couldnt realy see any ... more »

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First ride video here

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Every part on a new KTM design is Cad designed and their revision of each product every few years they make changes reducing the weight. this and investing in the latest casting methods has payed off. The Jap bikes for the most part are the same as they ... more »

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You mite find of those 52's have Alloy lower tubes, not steel. I believe the Black DLC coating has to be applied at a very high temperature inside a vacuum chamber. This high processing temperature can affect the tempering of the Alloy tube an maybe ... more »

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Just wondering who where or how the Akadize inner clutch was done? any info ?

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They are Dutch DPR is "Dutch Power Racing" Peit DeGroot makes them he used to make all the Factory Kawasaki pipes for the DeGroot world championship team, Great guy knows his stuff and they are inexpensive. Hard to comunicate with them speeking not much ... more »

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For 98 I would just buy the vortex and its preprogrammed maps will be fine. I am a fan of the product I feel they come set up better out of the box better than the get.

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I comes down to volume. The market for tuning cars is huge in MX it is maybe 2% of the mx market wants their bike mapped and with mx less than 1% of the auto world your never going to see someone devlope a tool like that. My self i have bought honda ... more »