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The very pinnacle of motorcycle racing in the world is the MotoGP championship. Suzuki is the defending champ and has been showing very well all season. I'm not worried about the future of Suzuki. Suzuki US, maybe. But the rest of the world will keep ... more »

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Rooster backs slowly out of the thread, shaking his head and muttering obscenities about weirdos and kooks. Have at it boys, he yells as the doors swing shut behind him.

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Wow! The original report I read had him dying of a head injury from hitting his head on the concrete after he fell trying to get out of the way of the fireworks. That's quite a bit different than taking a mortar to the chest.

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For somebody who says they're not a conspiracy theorist, you sure do quote a bunch of conspiracy theorists Gabe.

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We hit record lows back in February, which is normally when we get our lowest temps of the year. It was damn cold, but it didn't last very long before we back to some abnormally high winter temps. Then we're setting all time record temps in a part of ... more »

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You sure do like to just cherry pick the parts you agree with and ignore the rest don't you? Here's the following paragraph from the one you quoted: State investigations absolved the trial’s managers—PATH and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) ... more »

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What is there to question about it? With a finite amount of resources and an exponentially growing population, we'll eventually run out of all we need. We either learn to live within our means as a species, or we find another planet to destroy in search ... more »

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It's weird how FedEx in the US is so crappy compared to UPS when it's the exact opposite in Canada. I have had UPS destroy or lose almost everything they've handled, yet FedEx has a perfect track record by comparison. But when I'm shipping stuff from ... more »

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Hit it with some roundup (glyphosate) to kill the old stuff off first. Start fresh! Unless it needs some leveling, you can probably just reseed, but it does look like it could use some aeration so tilling isn't a terrible idea.

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Living in the northernmost major city in Canada and seriously regretting not having air conditioning. We're likely to see the largest temperature swings in a calendar year that we've ever seen. We set new record lows in the -40˚C(-40˚F) back in February ... more »

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Any chance they've got a road legal version of that supermoto?

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If you have to ask.......

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The best advice in this thread is everybody suggesting to use heat when removing the decals. You leave 10% of the adhesive behind compared to just pulling them off. Once you've got them off, any good solvent will take care of the rest. If you have a ... more »

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Thinking with a racer's mentality, he's got a 50/50 chance. He'll either win it or he won't.

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I've always found that the association with Monster Trucks hurts the "sport" of supercross racing. One is an actual race series that has independent teams and riders trying to win enough events to earn a championship. The other is the motorsport equivalent ... more »

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Another thing to consider is that Feld has exclusive rights in a lot of venues. Those agreements don't come without additional costs to keep the competition out.

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I picked up a Yamaha P2002 last year. It's not the M model with the meters, but it's all the same specs. Sounds absolutely fantastic. They really don't make then like they used to. I have to have some caps replaced, but it will be worth every penny that ... more »

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I had to look up Cooksey Media and I still have no idea who he is.

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If the frame is the first thing to impact the ground, that energy gets transferred directly to the footpegs, then to your boots, where it will disintegrate your ankles. I watched my old roommate shatter both his ankles without crashing when he cased ... more »

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You can't tune a CR500 with a spreadsheet the way you can an electric motor. It's just infinitely more tunable.