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I love a good home style burger with fresh ingredients and frankly I don't understand the infatuation with in-&-out. I've tried it twice and both times were disgusting.

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Plants need calcium and eggshells have tons of it.

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OK then, they ruined Buell. It seems anything motocross that winds up in Harley's hands is doomed to failure. Happy now?

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It's been close to a year since I've been down to our place in California, but the value of it keeps increasing like crazy. There must be some US based demand for it because Palm Desert/Palm Springs tends to see much of it's profits from the snowbirds ... more »

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They said similar things about four strokes too..... .....and here we are today.

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Yeah, front wheel was driven hydraulically. I remember when they came out. I think Marty Moats (RIP) either bought one or had one to ride and he loved that he could wheelie for days because the front wheel kept spinning.

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I tried that Kilz stuff on a deep red basement room. It took 5 coats of primer to get it to a solid white. It was a room I was turning into a workshop area in a rental house so I told the landlord I'd just prime it and he could paint it whatever he wanted ... more »

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I watch a lot of youtube on my firestick4K and I've actually found their "not interested" button to work pretty well for me. I wonder if the "news" videos are being promoted in some way to force their way around it. Could be a lot of paid/promoted political ... more »

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Christini did produce one. But Yamaha also did. I think the drive system was from Ohlins. They were made in very very limited numbers. The WR450F 2-Trac

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If you want to finish first, you must first finish.

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Looks like you guys have moved the countershaft sprocket by quite a bit. I'm assuming you guys have worked the suspension through full stroke to ensure there's no chain torque that will affect the suspension under load. It looks like it might bind up ... more »

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Honestly the only guy I would have had trouble with was Burnsworth and I have mixed up Hansen and Gibson many times in the past. They do (or at least did) look somewhat alike.

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Just tack weld the broken ones closed and go rip er bud!

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Holy shit this guy sounds as nutso as our neighbour in Palm Desert. Except our wacko isn't a tweaker, he's a lawyer. He's sent us all sorts of crazy letters about how he knows we've broken into his house and all sorts of other bullshit. He's the kind ... more »

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It's way more fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow.

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Anybody know where to find these? I also saw one today on facebook, damn if I can find it again that was a take off on the Bell Moto 3 helmet and another one of the old JT mouthguard as well. I would love to find one that used the old jofa/half ... more »
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I'm not sure I understood the question.

... more »
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Not without a parachute

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Hottest new mechanic trend in 2022. Everybody's mechanic installs their chains at the starting line after removing them from specially heated chain bags. LOL! Honestly there is a difference on the dyno. There might be something to this bring it up to ... more »