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I made this back in the day, when Mike Fisher was telling everybody he was done. Nobody could keep up with a motivated Reed when he had something to prove.

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Seems JGR was part of a major ransomware attack. Most companies seemed to be defense oriented, so I was surprised to see their name listed.

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In Canada, like many other nations with publicly funded healthcare, there's no insurance company markup (and no deductible). Our admin costs for our healthcare system come in right around 8% of total costs, which is excellent compared to the US system. ... more »

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I hope I'm wrong but this isn't looking like it's going to end anytime soon. This virus isn't going to kill 1/4 of the population or anything that bad, but it's going to make an awful lot of people very sick and stress the hell out of health care systems. ... more »

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Wendy's bought them first, I think Tim's has changed hands a few times now. They haven't been Canadian for decades (no any good for that matter). The day they stopped making donuts fresh on site was the day they became dead to me. Their coffee sucks ... more »

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Well at least the dollar hasn't shit the bed like 2008.

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That cat sure bounced high yesterday. At what point does the fed start buying shit again, rate cuts sure don't seem to work.

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Gary Bailey was teaching us the technique back in 82, so it's been around for quite awhile.

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While AC9's record when he finishes a series is impressive, his record of finishing a series without injury isn't. That would make him a tough sale to any team manager. He's got the speed win championships, but seems a little fragile to bring them home. ... more »

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loved the sand. just wish the outside line hadn`t broken down so much in the 450 main.

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I can't wait to see the simulator setups people come up with to mimic the sprint cars. I'm thinking a giant steering wheel, a milk crate for a seat and jam it all into the smallest closet in the house.

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What's the site in question? I really don't have any experience in Magento, but I do have a lot of experience in Wordpress.

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Two years actually, and 1.3 billion short or a full repayment. Plus they became a majority owned foreign corporation in the process (Fiat Chrysler). Ford took 5.9 billion in tarp funds that they expect to have repaid by 2022. They had initially requested ... more »

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Pretty much every automaker only exists because of taxpayer money after their respective bailouts. Tesla has already paid back their Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan (with interest). They are very close to losing their federal tax EV credit ... more »

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Wouldn't be surprised if he won one (or two) by the time the season is done.

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MXA said this about the BFRC shock on the 2018 RMZ Q: HOW GOOD IS THE INNOVATIVE BFRC REAR SHOCK? A: We love innovation, even innovation that is borrowed from someone else. Thus, we wanted to love the all-new (if you don’t count the Ohlins TTX shock ... more »

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Converted the place in the desert to a desertscape a few years ago, so no more need to mow at my place in California anymore. I welcome the change, even it it were just for the leaf blowers as those things make a ton of noise. I'm surprised that more ... more »

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I'm not sure how it works in California, but in Canada where we have similar laws that protect the tenant more than the landlord, one out is to establish how the rental has been structured. If you've allowed them to be a part of your lease agreement, ... more »

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Carmichael always said they had to de-tune his 450 for SX. If a 450 is too much out of the box for Carmichael, then anybody looking for more is looking for performance in the wrong place.

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