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would be going full board to the electric mini/E MtN bicycle market. more youth interest means more parents looking for an affordable entry into the motocross scene and the two wheel world in general.

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currently, I am on the mend and taking a break from moto. over the past 5 years Ive racked up multiple concussions, ACL replacement in one knee, ligament damage in the other, dislocated hip and 3 separated shoulders. Each time something happens I have ... more »

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I would hope suzuki took the time of 'restructuring' to capitalize on a re-intro in the amateur and two stroke motocross game. Yamaha stepped up with a new 65, and i believe it's mostly ktm/yama/kawi in the super built mini's category. i'd set the tooling ... more »

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I race a local series that is featured mainly the west side of Washington (woods). 1hr30m for C class + sportsman, 2h for B and up Ive raced 2 250's and currently a 300 husky two stroke. the biggest mod would be first getting hand guards and i would ... more »

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any links as to what Kyle was doing to rehab/ preventative maintenance for the race on Saturday? choice of knee brace? He rode amazing, i will definitely need to figure out how they wrap up a knee to perform after injury's like that!

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I as well am training in hopes of racing the A/AA classes in woods harscrambles. before a recent knee injury, I was cycling 3-4 times a week and trying my best to ride once or twice on a good trails area close to home. alot of foam roller work and trying ... more »

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Looks like you have a very good platform to build on. since your current cylinder is already messed up, I would recommend sending it out. Eric Gorr, Pro Circuit, Varner racing are some good choices for engine work on these case reed motors. that way ... more »

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and on top of that, did you end up getting the measurements for brackets? IF so, feel free to PM me. I will be starting a similar project on my 02 250. I work as a machinist and probably could fab something up in my spare time.

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i've seen a couple threads floating around, a guy had fabbed mounts for a 125 with 09-12 plastics. not sure about the 2013 stuff. I personally stuck with just the fender.

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ill work on a bike check. I have my CR 250 dialed.

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would be an interesting concept... Grant rides for one of the more "progressive" developers of custom un-obtainium. I'm curious what the JGR guy's would do to 'update' those yz's up to competition standard against the 4 strokes.

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be sure to let us know when they are available!

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I'd be all over that or a flo red kit from them if they offer it for the CR250. Huge fan of Troy Lee's work

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very clean bike! welcome to the CR club haha. don't let anyone tell you that the case reed engines are junk. there is a ton of information out there on them. stock, yes they are a bit gutless down low ( still not as bad as made out too be) but once you ... more »

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I've dealt with a somewhat similar situation over the past year and a half. beginning of last season I had separated my left shoulder, then 4 months later I had another bad crash, separating BOTH shoulders at the same time. I healed up over winter, and ... more »

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I think it's an amazing idea, and will work great for freeriding in almost all sports. Don't see it being that viable on a MX track though, what with other riders being so close and all the stopping/turning.

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Honestly, i think it's a very cool track/idea. I don't support losing old school tracks like Southwick, but any addition like this that is progressing the sport and audience it brings is a good thing. I'm lucky enough to live close to a similar (but ... more »

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Don't know who to thank, but the stream has gotten much better since the start of the season. Keep up the great work Allisports! Love being able to watch all the motos from the comfort of my computer!

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maybe not 10-15 seconds, but im almost positive there was a supercross race where he stopped for a bit and looked back, waiting for second place to catch up (and no not the "let chad reed by" pass at unadilla). just wish i could remember it

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There was a race, at like the begining of his supercross career in the 125's where I think he actually stopped mid race for 10-15 seconds cause his gap was so huge just to pass for the lead again and win in dominant fashion! still remember his old gear ... more »