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Awesome first week of racing!! Specially the 250. Lets keep it going boys!!

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Damn, it was really an awesome race. Great for you V1. Dungey needs to be more agressive with Reedy. Hey J7: take it easy cause it's a long season.

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Brad_Marsh left a comment 11/30/2011 9:50 PM

Very Cool Roger! thanks !

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Really awesome!! I remember when a devastating injury at Budds Creek ended his season. Doug was slipping off the back of the bike on the face of a hill, inadvertently applying full throttle, launching him off the hill, causing him to fall from nearly 80 feet in the air to flat ground. Henry's back was broken, but miraculously he suffered no paralysis.
Amazingly, Doug fought back and wanted to race again. He slowly worked his way back into shape, and Team Yamaha took a chance on him for the 1996 season. By the end of the Nationals, Henry was winning motos once again and had regained his form. For 1997, Yamaha approached Henry with the idea of riding their prototype YZM400 four-stroke in competition. He accepted the offer. While he raced and led the early part of the 1997 Supercross season on a YZ250, Henry suffered a hand injury that forced him to withdraw during the middle of the series. He came back riding the four-stroke full time, and posted top-5 finishes at the first few Nationals, which was unprecedented for a four-stroke machine. Doug is former 1998 AMA 250 Motocross Champion, 1998 AMA Professional Athlete of the Year.
Doug broke his back on March 4, 2007, in a Supermoto race. He now suffers partial paralysis from the waist down, and is working very hard toward yet another recovery. In fact, Doug never gives up and as seen at the above video, he's SUPERMAN!! Thanks Doug for being an inspiration to me!!!

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