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It's not just coal, there are a bunch of jet engine powered electric powerplants as well. Unless we get more Nuclear plants, which everyone is scared of doing, I'm not seeing how electric vehicles are the holy grail people are making them out to be.

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We just cut ours, and other than Amazon Prime and Netflix, we use Pluto and Roku apps. Honestly, I don't know why anyone would pay for Youtube tv or any of the others. I will pay for my racing subscriptions and we're good

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Not a huge fan of Chad, but he's almost free to talk about his time in the industry and that makes this interview really good. Everyone is always afraid to tell it like it is in this sport, refreshing to finally hear a little bit.

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Strange, I see as many Beta's on the trail here as I do KTM's.

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Put the pipe down....

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I have to throw away three after this weekend that people left at the track. Add to that 6 cheap folding chairs and for some reason people leave bags full of garbage by the can instead of taking them to the dumpsters that are by the gates. Monday morning ... more »

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I took a flight a few years ago, $45k, and I remember the feeling when we took off, and again when we landed. I didn't get to see any of the view.

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I spent the day riding my dirt bike with a doctor that has been working a covid icu for the past two months. The virus is real, but it is overblown. If you aren't very overweight, have diabetes, or are under 65 your chances of even having to go to the ... more »

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1990 USGP at Glen Helen and it was glorious except trying to get out of that two lane road. Took and hour and a half to get to the frontage road. I remember Kiedrowski going by in his pickup on the shoulder at about 30 while we were all parked.

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I talked to someone that had a reporter do some digging on pretty much that same issue. You can have a helmet made in china, with any label you want on it for about $6 a helmet when dealing in bulk of 100 minimum. So, that's going to be a fairly cheap ... more »

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So would I...if I could only ride well enough to beat anyone in that field.

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The Motogp racers have done it, and yeah, they play the games, their times were competitive with some of the top racers online for sure. Some of the Sx racers do play, Josh Cartwright is pretty good for sure.

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1968 Ascot National TT winning TR120. I have the tank and tail off for paint right now, the rest of it just needed a bath.
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Ducati V4 and a CRF450X

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I tried, went in to pick up some 41mm showa fork seals, they had none. I would have purchased oil even though I carry Motul at my track.

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They thought there would be at least 4 times that much at least. That said, the first wave hasn't even hit most of the US hard, yet. This ain't over yet folks.

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On any side of the pond, the MXDN has to be the biggest race of every year.

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No, because I'm not an idiot. I still don't think Ricky is the best choice, or anywhere near the top of the choices for that job, but he was multitudes better with Leigh than he is with Ralph.

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Leigh's professionalism and ability to make RC better in the booth was amazing. With Ralph back, RC was flustered trying to come up with things to say instead of working off of pitches setup by Leigh.