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Really good show.

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It's cool occasionally, like the quad camera at Daytona, it gets way overdone. Short sections are cool as overhead gives a new perspective like helicopter camera's back in the day, but it needs to be limited to less than half of what they showed yesterday. ... more »


I guess we will have green KTMs that leak oil now

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If it wouldn't have been for the whole WADA crap, and the fact that we had to listen to the "an FIM World Championship" as part of every single mention of the series instead of just adding their logo to the screen, it wouldn't have been that bad.

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Did they tell you this secret info? It's amazing that they have spent all of these millions of dollars because they just don't care.

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Could have a less rocks, but still lots of fun.

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We go riding at Aden off road park, about 15 miles West on I-10. They do the Corrolitos 100 there, we run pretty much that loop at a decent pace. During the summer we ride up in Cloudcroft or Ruidoso. I haven't been to Tuli mainly because I'm busy running

... more »
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He rides hard, and I've seen him do a few dumb moves, but I've seen almost every pro on the gate do those same moves. Everyone seems to pick on Vince because he's not a top10 guy in the current talent pool, but he's out there trying and obviously he's ... more »

Liked a comment on the item @PING 2/8/2021 11:46 AM

Damn Ping! While I admit to not always liking your comments, you zeroed in on the lame ducks this time! Loved the colorful language used for your ammunition.

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Millsaps in studio was great, one of my favorite guests and I was never a huge fan when he was riding. Seemed to me like a genuine dude that is happy with his life and career even though he knows he could have done better if he would have trained more. ... more »

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He's better, but still not good and unfortunately never will be. His speech is "racetrack hillbilly", and that's never going to change, it may be arguably harder than Emig overcoming his stutter. It's not just knowing your material, it's also being able ... more »

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Thanks, this is one of the things you do that sets you apart.

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What would be the advantage of a 290 or 310 vs a 300?

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It's not just coal, there are a bunch of jet engine powered electric powerplants as well. Unless we get more Nuclear plants, which everyone is scared of doing, I'm not seeing how electric vehicles are the holy grail people are making them out to be.

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We just cut ours, and other than Amazon Prime and Netflix, we use Pluto and Roku apps. Honestly, I don't know why anyone would pay for Youtube tv or any of the others. I will pay for my racing subscriptions and we're good

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Not a huge fan of Chad, but he's almost free to talk about his time in the industry and that makes this interview really good. Everyone is always afraid to tell it like it is in this sport, refreshing to finally hear a little bit.

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Strange, I see as many Beta's on the trail here as I do KTM's.

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Put the pipe down....

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I have to throw away three after this weekend that people left at the track. Add to that 6 cheap folding chairs and for some reason people leave bags full of garbage by the can instead of taking them to the dumpsters that are by the gates. Monday morning ... more »