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Anyone have the custom lettering done that FXR offers? Curious to see how it looks.

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All that work put into a bike for the largest amateur race of the year and you show up with tape numbers

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Kenny riding a Kawi silly

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Burn pile fuel

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Was Chaze Seckstun there too?

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Bottom right is at Glen Helen, its literally on the dudes shirt and confirmed by a google search. Pic is from MXA.

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I rub a little dirt on brand new gear before putting it on.

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You'll have to fight Tyler for it.

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a whole 3 frames per second.

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Back tire looks pretty roached for only being ridden 3 times.

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Don't see anything wrong with it. Roger seems like the kind of guy that would lose his mind out of boredom if he retired. If he's willing and able to keep going, then why not?

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IDK man, I've recently gotten into F1, and watching the Mercedes team of Hamilton and Bottas win 90% of the races with a Max Verstappen/Charles Leclerc win sprinkled in every now and then is kind of boring as hell. I was a Windham fan all throughout ... more »

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I don't care whose wallet is talking to who or what it's saying, as long as bikes keep getting sold it helps keep the industry alive.

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Am I the only one who thinks the black plastic/factory edition looks like the dork at the track who couldn't decide if his bike was going to be freestyle or race themed, got halfway finished and said F*k it I'm going riding.

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As a beginner, I'd say a quality helmet, boots, and knee/shin pads are the bare minimum you should have. Its always kind of tough to recommend stuff to a beginner, you don't want them to break the bank, but how much is your safety worth to you? If I ... more »

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Yeah I wondered if there was something I was missing?

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So what exactly did you do to shred your pinky?

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Which port-a-potty in Lot B?

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In before this thread gets clicked