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I had the same issue with the spokes, I thought I was crazy but feels better knowing that it's an issue

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Just pulled this stock tank off my 16 250SXF, it fits all big bikes 2016 and up. In perfect condition, just put a bigger tank on. No fuel pump included. Just seeing if anyone's interested and wants to shoot me an offer.

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Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth (and in a fuel or oil thread it won't matter), BUT from my experience the AV gas is very noticeable in two strokes. In my YZ with minimal motor work and a pipe combo, it would detonate on pump gas no matter what. ... more »

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I was thinking the same thing all night. I think they would have embarrassed most of the field

Added reply in a thread Mxtech a48r kit 3/31/2018 7:16 PM Here's the link for it. Essentially it converts it back to a cartridge based fork with a bottom out "huck valve" in it. The whole kit is really clean and well done.

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The oil ratio ain't causing your bogging, sounds like you need to do some jetting work

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If you're gonna spend that then I would recommend waiting a little bit longer and just splurge on the lucky kit. We've been installing them left and right with nothing but great feedback.

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^ This, I highly recommend it

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Sorry to hijack this thread but what frame tape is that? Looks clean and I like the blue

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I would recommend just a service front AND rear to start. For the shock get a low friction band (mx tech and SDI makes them), but with that new band and fresh oil and nitro it will feel SO much better. It's cost effective and a noticeable difference. ... more »

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Either you didn't reset the tensioner correctly or you didn't release it correctly. Both of those will create the issue you are having..

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My guess would be one of the water pump seals is leaking and contaminating your coolant w/ gear oil because if it's like most other bikes it's got an inner and an outer water pump seal so it doesn't necessarily have to seep out the weep hole to leak. ... more »

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I've got a new style shock to match your forks if you'd like

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Shock came off an '08 YZ450f that was parted out a few years back and has been sitting since. It has very low hours and is setup by Enzo. Asking $120 + shipping. Please email if interested @

... more »

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Hate to be that guy, but this doesn't fit 09-12 right? If it does I'm all over it...

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Yeah man screw these kids for having fun on their dirt bikes!! I mean who wants to do that anyways?!?! Reeeelaaaxxx Francis (I'm sure all you salty old guys will get that reference)

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Last year I ended up blacking out the night before and going to bed at 3:30 AM, waking up at 7 and racing 4.5 hours. Ended up 1 spot off the podium in open expert class and continued to celebrate and blackout again saturday night. So my advice is have ... more »

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Got a lot of looks when I showed up to the track in this bad boy

... more »
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We've put a few in and its a solid product. The only downfall when compared to other spring kits is that it doesn't have an external preload adjuster. Not too big of a deal, you just might have to go back in and adjust it once or twice to get it where ... more »

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I don't think that button by Barcia's bar pad is a starter because isn't the starter on the assembly on the right of the picture?

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