Added reply in a thread Preforated Tubing 3/11/2019 6:40 PM This is what I used. I had to braze a section of thin wall tube onto it to shim it to

... more »
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Uggh. I'm out. It's the same weekend as my daughter's high school graduation. You will have to give a full report on your trip!

Added reply in a thread HIstory of the AJS Stormer 3/5/2019 11:59 AM

My friend Tim is racing one, rare even among rare bikes. I passed it on to him.

Added reply in a thread 1982 Suzuki RM 250. What am I thinking? 3/5/2019 10:51 AM

I totally agree almost all the bikes built in the early 80's are butt ugly, I think of them as teenagers hitting puberty, awkward bits sprouting off them and no idea what to do with all the new parts! That's why the 86,87 CR's blew everyone away, the ... more »

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So. Believe it or not I've been doing quite a bit on the Zook. I failed to use self moderation and ended up buying a 1966 Ducati scrambler and I am learning quicky that doing two bikes at once simply means you never get anything done to either. Plus

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Love seeing this bike come together! A+ job start to (almost) finished!

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Might want to give listing all the items invested into it a college try... If it has a lot of factory works parts like A kit forks and a full meal deal Pro Circuit motor that might change the game

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Man I had all that stuff back in the day, the local Honda dealer sold Sinisalo... Kinda shocking how much clothes cost back then compared to today, if inflation is factored in. The quality of the euro made stuff back then was so much better than the ... more »

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Sounds awesome! Calendar marked!!!!

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Bwahaaa! If the same crack mechanic did the bottom end the while he did that top I couldn't get it split fast enough! Cheap as the crank and mains are combined with the fact it ate about a pound of topsoil and a 125 is like a grenade with the pin pulled ... more »

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As far as I'm aware any HPP cylinder and head combination will work together (91-99) They all had different porting and squish specs every year though, so the combinations are endless... I think the 95 was rumored to have the best porting and I know ... more »

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Bwahaaaa! Ain't it the truth! I subtract 500 dollars off my offer if it says that! Also if brake hose is on the outside of the fork I subtract 200. Lol

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Yep it has eaten some of natures sandpaper... If the nikasil is 100% intact it could be used with a new piston and probably run, but to be right getting it recoated is the best option, I have had good luck with powerseal USA but there are others that ... more »

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If there is a V force reed block available I'd go that direction, I got to test a Rad valve vs Boyesen carbon reeds on stock block vs V force and there was no comparison in my CR250 Honda and discussing the motor build on my 82 RM 250 I'm doing now, ... more »

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Machined aluminum lowers, ti and magnesium bits and rumors of cartridge damper rods years before they were available to the public... Of course of what we know, in 82 Brad Lackey chose Simmons USD forks over the works KYB supplied on his factory Suzuki. ... more »

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nice, that makes my CR125 worth like 9,000 if its a linear scale!

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That's only a drop in the bucket of what all he has... Got to go out and hang out for a few days back in the late nineties. He gave us a tour of their bicycle museum downtown and several buildings around town that his family had chocked full of stuff. ... more »

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The vintage husky crowd have done some stuff with professional salon strength peroxide hair bleach and UV lamps. Seems there was some info over at cafe husky. I can't imagine it does any good to the tank and perfer to look at the yellowing as "patina" ... more »

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If you can make it, DO IT!!! Such a great track, and a very laid back event. You won't be disappointed. Bring a kit and some money and as long as you have a bike lined up you'll have a hard time wiping the smile off your face.

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Sooooo.... I'm sucked into this like a tractor beam... I have questions... 1: Why would anyone buy a aftermarket tank for a concourse level restoration where points would be deducted for color match, a non correct part would surly be a bigger penalty? ... more »