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The clear anodize from the factory has broken down. I've had good results removing it by soaking in industrial "purple" degreaser, as Kidkawie mentioned any acid will strip it and there are probably some other good methods on the internet. It will strip ... more »

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Nice bike, def looks low hour and largely unmolested! I did a 97 a couple of years ago and its a lot of fun to ride but makes an old lazy guy like myself tired quick keeping it on the boil!

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^^ What he said. A proper set up 490 runs nice. Stock or done incorrectly, not so much. Tom does quite a few of the 490s and has the knowing of things. Fast turnaround and fair prices too.

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The Hams never got much respect in the day but for a vintage racer, they are damn good. The Rotax motor was pretty long in the tooth by 86 but still quick and stone reliable. Can-Am's show up semi-regular for sale and always seem to be in pretty good ... more »

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Whew. I'd be uninterested at that price. Both bikes would need probably 500 dollars min each to be track worthy, the primary crank seal will require a case split on the Husky motor. The frankinbike would be a tough sell and probably have to be parted ... more »

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Looks great! Check out EVO MX in the UK for graphics and backgrounds. Top-quality and very reasonable.

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I'm going for no holds barred works replica so inconvenience is expected. Lol I bobbed the mounts off for the airbox so no going back now! I found these heim bearings on eBay. They are correct except the OD is too big. I plan to make a fixture to hold

... more »
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The front hub will be a pita for sure as not only the disc mount will have to be swapped to drum but the axel dia are different so a custom axle will have to be made too, lucky there is some ti scrap lying around that should work! I have a stock shock ... more »

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Been awhile since I have really knuckled down for a few days straight and made headway on the Zook. The motor was a pain. I had to go through several cases and more than a few tears but she's all together, Tom Morgan Racing did a stellar job porting

... more »
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Yep... The Yamaha DLS is very good. I have good luck using some adhesive back 150 grit 3" roll sandpaper applied and trimmed to fit inside the drum, then spin the wheel adjusting the brakes slowly till the shoes are sanded round, AKA arched. Takes some ... more »

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Just bought a new tub of grease, it should see me all the way to the rainbow bridge...

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Found it on Ebay and watching! Good luck, bike looks great!

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Hope you all had fun... I know I'm beat and bruised from one end to the other. Bent bars on pit bike, bent bars on the 97 CR 125... Probaly a minor concussion in the cross country race, ass whuppun on the RT Ducati in vintage MX. My nephew wadded up ... more »

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Nice looking bike! CR's make good woods bikes. UFO makes a similar rear fender in their vintage plastic collection and a Elba headlight shouldn't be too hard to find. Probably be easiest to swap out the stock stator for a aftermarket unit with a lighting ... more »

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I bought a new one. I talked to the owner and apparently all the old stamping dies to make the old pipes were scrapped ... more »

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Lucky find on the pipe. Kid put it on FB marketplace for 30.00 bucks. He wanted a FMF, LOL. Sent it to fusion one and got it refurbished. Just put the improved 98-99 powervales in the motor and have a Vforce Reed to put in

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Nice find! Poor ole gal has seen it's fair share of abuse. Glad it's being saved! I did my 97 last year and still having fun riding it. Got some parts left over in case you can't find a tidbit let me know and I might be able to help...,22/1997-Honda-refresh,1333336 ... more »

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The old (80's and 90's) fun25's are cool. I did a 1997 CR and having a blast racing it against modern bikes. I looked around for awhile to find a decent basket case and I found it easier to not be too picky about brand... Part's aren't exceptionally ... more »

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That's a super clean looking bike! Really dig the black fork boots and rims on it!!!

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For an equal return on investment, go to the bank with a stack of 100's and ask for 50's back! Bwahaaaa!!!! I see some of the builds where guys find all the actual works parts from back in the day and wonder how much they are spending on them... I don't ... more »