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Roger that! Congrats Phil - Kick some azz!

Added a comment about video World's First 360 Front Flip 3/10/2011 8:07 AM

I figured the weird handling of the new CR's should be good for something!

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Almost as cool as your Gibson Firebird!

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I thought Ellen did her own stunts!

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He once made a "Goon Ride" video... ...and won an Oscar for Best Artistic Movie.

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3 Dog Night at the Swing Auditorium in San Berdoo. Around 1970 or 71. Made my way to the front of the stage and had some girl I didn't know on my shoulders as doobies passed by. What a great time!

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Chop Sticks! My parents made me take classical piano lessons which was torture because all I wanted to play was the Beatles & the Stones! Once they let me quit lessons I would spend hours learning rock n roll by ear. If I remember correctly the first ... more »

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I was a wee lad and thought the cover was cool. I soon learned my faux pas and bought... [LINK TO IMAGE]
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I donno man...your tele looks like it came from a leper colony from that island in Hawaii. - JK! Like politics and religion the subject of relecing a guitar is better left alone...or great entertainment! At least you have good taste. I LOVE Tele's. Have ... more »

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I wonder how long it will take to see copies of it up on that Chinese Guitar website. I bet it still won't sell for $200!

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And it's only $5,500!

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Speaking of Gibson...have you seen the new Fireturd, oops, I mean Firebird X? Watch the video and try not to think of Spinal Tap! It's all the rage on the guitar forums...snicker!

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And ya beat 31 of them ya frikkin' sand bagger! J/K Bryan. Great job! Couldn't make it this year and I'm way bummed. Hopefully next year. Say "hi" to the twins!

Added a comment about press release Glen Helen's pre-race Video and Interview with Doug Dubach 11/7/2010 3:44 PM

I don't know what his name is but, his initials are John Duffy!

AKA the High Priest of Duffinator-ness.

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Cool to see Bob roll up his sleeves and set things right. Good job Bob. Leon

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That Joe B vid was a nice way to start the day! Tasty Treat indeed! Thanks Davis224

Added reply in a thread Jim Moe of Dirt Diggers Injured 10/2/2010 10:36 AM

Sorry to hear. Was looking forward to seeing Big Moe again at the World Vet Championships. Wishing Jim the best.

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No, that was Ellen Degenerate.

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I was there for the Clash. Me (art director) and the managing editor of a raggity OC entertainment mag went to cover it in the best Gonzo Journalism method we could muster. So fun hanging backstage. INXS, The Stray Cats ripped it up, Oingo Boingo got ... more »

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Wait! In just a second the gerbil will poke his head out of the hole. Let's name him "The Jammer".