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For what it is worth, I don't believe Mike Genova or Tony Alessi would like that title. Race Tech has long supported the privateers of the sport and was (and continues to) run a #PrivateerProven campaign. Mike and Tony asked for their team/riders not ... more »

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Gun cases are okay, but we've definitely seen them blown apart when we get them in. Good rule is to wrap it twice as well as you think you'll ever need. Race Tech primarily uses UPS with insurance and like Factory Connection does, we'll also supply a ... more »

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Not to derail the thread, but this ^^^ right here is a huge issue to bring sponsorship onto a race team in Supercross. We are 8 rounds - HALFWAY - through the series. SmarTop/Bullfrog Spas/Honda has 3 established riders Brayton, Friese, and Weimer, sitting ... more »

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Right! Very nice Nick, check your PMs when you get a moment.

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Race Tech does recommend going softer on shock spring rate which will help everything. We do lower a lot of suspension internally in the forks/shock. You can read a bit more about that here as an option. Feel free to email ... more »

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Wouldn't miss it. I've been to most and Phoenix is my favorite race of the year.

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You realize since him being "fired" and today that Jeff spent a lot of years working for Kawi as a brand ambassador right? The only reason he'd be harder on Tomac is because he holds him to the highest standard because Eli is an elite level talent who ... more »

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Mention VitalMX when ordering and save yourself some money at Race Tech. The quality of springs is comparable, FC has a good product as well. Nothing to be scared of there if you go that route. We (Race Tech) have a 100% guarantee with each of our products ... more »

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Did this get removed? I started listening, paused it, and now I can't find it?

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I just was on the phone with our service manager, and we have WP forks and shocks in stock at our Corona, CA HQ.

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Race Tech, Factory Connection, Powerband, and Suspension Direct are the 4 WP Centers I'm currently aware of. I know Race Tech, FC, and Powerband will provide setup service for them; so you'll want to look for which company you trust in the most as the ... more »

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The overall approach from Race Tech with the SFF TAC fork is to increase the valving holdup so we can run a bit lower pressures to help reduce some stiction and the typical "air fork" complaints. It definitely helps and is enough to make many happy. ... more »

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The most common air fork complaints are initial harshness, lack of front end feeling, and a lack of traction at the front tire. While these can also be setup issues that can be helped with valving, I've heard enough of these from riders to see the red ... more »

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Drop me an email to and I can answer any questions you have and give you my cell number if you need to discuss further. Or just drop your questions here, I'm happy to answer so everyone can see. OP - If you want to provide a bit of ... more »

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If you're in PA you should without a doubt call Jeff at MPR Race Tech. He's done a ridiculous amount of these setups and works very closely with us at Race Tech in California. You won't find a guy more dedicated to making sure you are 100% happy with ... more »

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I loved it being on the strip, more aggressive racing than normal, and the arena feel. But I was also younger and didn't get to go to nearly as many races.

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2001 Hangtown. I can't find the race on YouTube at all.

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Team Green kid his whole amateur career and rode Kawis most of his professional career through Yankton Motorsports out of South Dakota. One of the last guys who raced a two stroke in SX and also one of the last guys left who has experience riding both ... more »

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Don't think so, not much at least. His son Race Bonds is ripping a 50 last I saw/heard.

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Took my older boy to his first SX when he was 5 and it really didn't hold his attention all that well after awhile. The noise didn't bother him at all though. Took my younger boy to his first AX when he was 3 and the first half the ... more »