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Should’ve bought the lambo instead

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Last time was Moto 2 and she didn’t really want to claim it. Now on the gate for M1 and M2, but still barely shy… I’d claim it but I bet (she still will be stoked) but wants it too 36 or top 4. She’s a bad ass, isn’t asking for hype or attention, just ... more »

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Maybe nothing, but if it does work… it’s worth it.

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I’m coming off a 19 CRF450 so use that as perspective. Outta shape, big dude, so won’t comment on suspension. So far, I’m super impressed with engine and the standard map. I haven’t even touched the others it was so linear and pulls third way earlier ... more »

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2 options… Create a new rider in your current social circle by introducing them and helping teach them the steps or… Talk to everyone near you each time you ride. Moto people love Moto people from my experience. It’s fairly easy to connect to meet up ... more »

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Dave's post got me digging in the archives to see who it was. Amazing going through the champions of the C class that I don't even recognize their names. As an avid fan who fairly closely follows amateur racing and is very informed on the pro scene including

... more »
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Wow! Congratulations Dave! Enjoy it. I hope I’ve mentioned more than a few times before, but THANK YOU! The product support was awesome as a “racer” in my short learning experience that I wasn’t going pro, but the lessons in customer service and supporting ... more »

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Awesome news for Carlen, Beta is getting a good one. An amazingly smart, talented, and driven human being.

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This screams that the fork tubes aren’t parallel with symptoms described. Harshness, front end staying down through multiple bumps, lack of front end traction/issues staying in ruts mid to exit of corner are common symptoms of pinched (or bent...less ... more »

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The dragon back was deeper and taller than most we see and the rhythm had a bit more height variation in the middle, and the tables were steeper and maybe a touch taller, but beyond that, I actually don't agree. I think you're seeing dry dirt and 2 strokes ... more »

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Joined partway through Untamed and left immediately after Alive.

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No, that's on the sound engineer and the way it's coded into the game. It has always bugged me that the audio isn't 1 to 1 with the input of the controller and isn't physics based, but I never won that battle in the 5 or 6 years I worked on the titles, ... more »

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Reflex was recorded with a backpack on a real rider.

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Since coming back to riding and lining up a couple of times last fall, I'm right in the middle speedwise of the Vet category. I see both sides of it, I could care less about my results though and just like the fun of battling with guys with similar speed. ... more »

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A set of emulators in the forks and this bad boy on the back will give you some real suspension. Granted, I'm a little biased.

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12th tonight. Not perfect, but he's gonna figure it out. Give him time!

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Hey... idk the details, but props to KTM for helping him get a new engine. They really focus on their top guys and teams usually, but helped Kevin out huge. So dang cool to see Kevin getting noticed and doing so well.

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For a bunch of quad riders, Vurb really does cover moto well... *ducking for cover"

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The tough track benfited him. He's not a whoop ripper, but a solid whoop guy, but the challenge of timing the backsides was an immediate Starling track as he's technically a step above a ton of his competitors. Love it. Great start just made it easy. ... more »