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Now that's some good advertising!!!

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Great article...The Professor know a thing or two eh?

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This is a great series! Always fun and by participating in the Prize Divisions you help support the injured riders in our sport! Thank you MotoSport & MotoXDream!!!

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Have it somewhere.....wasn't that taken by Cox? Great, great shot of RC!

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Malcolm is the Man! I wish more folks would stand up and bitch about this BS!!

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Thanks - another pirated desktop!

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Waiting for Columbus is one of my all time favorite albums (if not #1), after Lowell George died and Paul Barrerre got tired of doing smaller venues they brought in that guy from Pure Prairie League to sing lead but NOBODY could replace George on the ... more »

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Is the Red Hook Brew Pub still around? I was at the old one years ago and had a pretty good time...

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The night race is going to be cool, it'll be fun to do something different. We've had a booth up there the last several years and are planning on this year as well. David Claybaugh, the track owner and promoter is a hardworking, good guy who has been ... more »

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That post was from '06

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Thanks for the add!!!

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That's just FUNNY, that's what that is!

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