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That I'm not sure about. Might throw them a message on Facebook and ask. I think DBMX is usually just open on Saturday and Sunday but won't hurt to ask I-81 announced in October they're open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. ... more »

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Huge bummer to see it go, those were by far the most fun events I've participated in. I was able to make it to three events in two seasons and they all had people waiting on standby in case of no-shows. They capped the number of entrants but I think ... more »

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As far as Kentucky goes, I hate to say it but there ain't much. Daniel Boone Motocross is pretty convenient off of I-75 and occasionally do prepped practice on Sunday, worth hitting on your way back north from east Tennessee. South Fork Motoplex would ... more »

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Mid-South Cross Country is right in the middle of its season now and is mostly in western KY, middle Tennessee. Their last race was at Miller Creek in Pontotoc MS that they've mentioned above. CXC Racing is another scramble series that's in that area ... more »

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I think that the crossover brands (TLD, Fox, Fly, Renthal, Maxxis, etc.) can definitely work both angles more than they do. I also think Moto can learn a lot from how MTB markets to its actual core riders through lifestyle videos, adventure epics, and ... more »

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Racer X Virtual Trainer ( has a whole section for off-road. I used to do the paid service and it had an option for off-road, too. Definitely worth a look

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Add I-81, Muddy Creek, and Thunder Valley MX. I'm sure there's a lot around Nashville, too. Kentucky: Daniel Boone MX, Soggy Bottom, South Fork Motoplex, Saddleback East, Nickota Park, Greenup County Offroad Park, I-64 MX, MOB Compound, Russell Creek, ... more »

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Can we get that man some classic MC Bud Light Yamaha graphics already?

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On a somewhat related note, Donnie has been putting on fairground races here in southeast KY. Friday night's practice had a parking lot full of riders, was out of town Saturday so I'm not sure how well the race went. Ain't a huge MX scene here so it's ... more »

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Seems like a lot of guys just use their phone with a GPS app. I use my phone with the Gaia GPS app and love it. Been looking into an actual GPS unit lately but it's hard to beat how easy a phone is to use.

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-It's an endless frustration for a shop to not stock at least some universal parts. I've spent too many Saturdays calling/running to dealerships looking for a simple universal clutch lever or even just an oil filter. I can somewhat understand not having ... more »

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Ever find anybody in KY? Looking for somebody close myself. Pro-Action used to have a place close to Huntington WV but apparently it's not there anymore.

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Shaun Palmer was one of the reasons I got really into Winter X-Games back in the day. I loved watching that dude, his gear and style was like watching an over-the-top McGrath. I wish downhill MTB was more accessible/had some TV coverage then (and now...). ... more »

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You might do better posing this question in a different forum but there's a lot of moto within a couple hours of Nashville. I'm more familiar with things more in Central and East TN but off the top of my head you can look up Fast Farms in Altamont and ... more »

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Redbird is definitely the spot for singletrack and it might be the only USFS trails in the area that are open year-round. Mine Made Adventure Park is about an hour and a half east of Redbird and is a pretty large off road park with some singletrack. ... more »

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I saw he posted to the Gram that he should be back on the bike this week. I broke my collarbone the same day as Forkner and I haven't even seen my doctor since surgery, lol.

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