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Are you adjusting the cable at the clutch perch or the actual cable itself (the cable sleeve has the ability to adjust cable length). You should get the "slack" out of the cable from the actual cable adjuster (hope this makes sense) and then fine tune ... more »

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You can't go wrong going with the stock stuff. That said, PC, Athena, Wiseco, Moose (CP Pistons).

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Try riding your brothers CR85 first and see what you think. If you like it then you know an 85cc is a good bike for you. If you think the power band is too much then you know to get a 4 stroke entry level bike. CRF150X, DRZ125, and so on.

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Whats the current condition of the top end? Have you recently done one? From the video I can't diagnos the exact problem but a couple ideas are..... 1. Piston slap (doesn't sound like it though) 2. Loose cam chain and/or cam chain tensioner (the automatic ... more »

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Also check the needle clip position.

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Im pretty sure I watched a video or read some where that specifically says the forks were designed to use air, at least for the KYB stuff. Air is not a pure gas, it is a mixture of gases. Nitrogen is roughly 75% of air. However 100% nitrogen is more ... more »