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I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the confession box this week at Mikes Church

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He’s a kid

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Do you wear a cape by any chance? Thank you for posting this

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No one

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This is not a personal attach but i feel the main gripe with Darkside is it seems he’s swinging off Mathes balls so hard. He’s coming across as one of those fish that hang onto sharks. Whatever sponsors Mather has it seems Darkside has latched onto. ... more »

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You going to start it up and blue that pipe?

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what about kawi copying suzuki on this color

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Know someone is the easiest way. My kid is supported by 2 companies who are global leaders. One you see everyday and the other you would have seen on Jimmy Johnson’s car. I wont name them but sometimes mates rates are the best rates.

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There’s more logic in the OP’s rant than most gear/engine oil or race gas threads

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I think Arai decal go’s above the maxima decal. Hope you don’t have OCD as i may of set it off ;-)

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How’d you rate the restaurant scene Anton is it scarf worthy?

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My son was at a practice track with one of the current pro’s and Josh was there practicing. My son was by himself watching and once Josh finished his moto he came over and parked by my son and just started talking to him. Now Josh could of went over ... more »

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Sorry but he's had his time.

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Race gas? I think the US runs a more powerful race gas. I also think the valve angles on the US bikes in 250 class remain the same as production Watch the starts of the mx2 and KTM has there first 5 meters sorted on the others. Clearly there start / ... more »

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Had to double take there I thought it said taking it up the Munson

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Bunny rabbit hansy

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Why bring the mud home. I wash at the track before i load up

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Every time this bloody ad appears on the screen it fucks up the scrolling

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Kay De Wolf, Everts and Kars were battling on the big wheel 85’s last year in what seemed like every race. So far De Wolf has set himself as the rider to beat out of them. What’s the age difference?

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Would love to read the article on the 1987 YZ80 in that MXA