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Makes sense, yeah I could see that resulting in some carnage.

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From what I have gathered the SRAC (Colorado's Race Association) Only has C Class. I am pretty confident I can hit the jumps. The track I am aiming for my first race is my local track Aztec family raceway (outdoor track) i have ridden here a lot so I ... more »

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What do you mean as far as "doing jumps but lack corner speed"? How will that set me up to land on someone? I like the idea of just seeing if I can catch and pass some people. Definitely don't wanna land on anyone or have anyone land on me haha. Thanks ... more »

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will help me gauge where I am at as far as stamina and place wise. Thanks

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MX vs Atv Unleashed was my favorite all time. Reflex was great too. I agree sucks that it seems like there hasn't been a great MX game in years.

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Looking for a little advice as to what class to enter for a first time racer. I rode a lot when I was younger, as a kid I had a KX60, RM80, KX125, last bike I had was when I was 16 was a CR250. I have rode maybe once or twice a year the past 7 years ... more »

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