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Ha ha, I was wondering if that happened, but I saw the mechanic push, but you are right, Friese arm is coming up as Ando is going down. I learned playing hockey that the filthy POS's get really good at being filthy POS's and know all those shitty tricks. ... more »

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Friese- the Eric Cartman of Supercross.

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The mechanic was giving him a shove as he tried to smack Vince. F that mechanic- let the riders settle it.

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To me there is a difference between making contact while racing for a position you belong in, versus running into guys as you are backing through the pack. I also don't like the guys who hit every bike they pass either (Ando/Barcia). I do like a good ... more »

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He got 5 seconds closer to the field this week, that's something

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Every circus needs a clown. I would have forgiven then dumb move if he had made it pay off by transferring, but he ruined Anderson and Musquin's races, then dropped anchor. Jackass

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Weston may not be the most eloquent person out there, but I get where he is coming from, the land of frustration. After last years blow up, it seems like Weston rides like a pussy when he catches VF, because he has to. He has that damn suspension hanging ... more »

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Shit, it thought it was headed to the Hall of Fame. This thread just keeps on giving.

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Motox85 may have gone a bit overboard, but Mark would have been better off not saying a thing. I am betting it pained Ronnie to be so far off the pace, and it's not like he has been out there for 2 months ruining guys qualifying attempts. Typically racers ... more »

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It sounds like you are not breathing properly. I am not quite sure of the best way to combat the problem, because you can practice great, but when the money is on the line it is a different deal and you can just get into your own head and start holding ... more »

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I also have a great Idea for fixing the racing. Change the red flag rules so that all red flags result in a complete restart, then throw a red with 5 to go in every main. That will make every race exciting.

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I was a NASCAR fan, but now the championship is meaningless to me, as are most races. None of the pseudo hype interests me, I just tune in once in a while when it looks like Kyle Larson has a shot at the win. I think most of the drivers are monumental ... more »

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Not that it's a surprise, but there sure are some bitches on here. Remember the old saying, "It takes a village..."? This is the village. If he reads this thread he should be duly chastised and not show his ass at the track again. And GuyB didn't call ... more »

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The start? Have you ever lead a race on the last lap? I don't race moto, I race cars, but getting your first win from the lead is hard as hell too. I screwed up the last 2 laps so bad it was unbelievable. Luckily i was walking the dog and had a huge ... more »

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"Wrong place at the wrong time" Yes indeed, racing the leaders while getting lapped is definitely the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Even my girlfriend laughed out loud.

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You can be a fan, you just can't have an opinion. I have been following supercross for years, but I have never thrown a leg over a dirt bike. I wanted to ride when I was kid, but my folks were not supporting that action, so I ended up going car racing ... more »

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Vince has 4 good races, and now he is crowned the new privateer hero? Wow. I'm not buying yet. There's and old saying "One 'Oh, Shit" erases 1,000 'Attaboys'", well how many "Attaboys" erase 1,000 "Oh, Shits". I don't think Vince is there yet. His shenanigans ... more »

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I have no idea how they come up with that graph. Heck I had a concussion where my helmet never hit a thing. My jaw slamming into my chest did the damage, and that was a heckuva concussion, I spent a week using my fingers to count to ten.

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Man, all I read on here is that Dungey isn't agressive, He waits to long, he wont pass people, he won't take chances. Now, one time he runs it in deep, gets himself caught out, blows the corner, and now he is the devil. I'm bummed for Bubba, but it is ... more »