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F*&% Style, speed is all that matters. In college lacrosse my teammates would be awarding themselves style points when they scored against some sorry ass defense, I hated that shit. I just like guys that are clutch, style or no.

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Looks to me like Tennant can dish it out but not take it, and his supporters are delusional.

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Well hell, maybe there is something to that throttle stop theory. I figure if it was that simple, nobody else would lift either.

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The first time I saw Bubba race in person was at Southwick 2004. I didn't know to much at about MX at the time, I knew who the fast guys were and I thought it was pretty badass, but I had no idea about technique. Bubba was on a different planet speedwise, ... more »

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I'm well past the point in life where I would do this, but I know the shopping and cooking would kill the deal for me. Back in the day I used to take the tug boat crew guys shopping. The deck hand and I would split the shopping list and hammer it out, ... more »

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I had the same issue at the motorcycle shop in Rhode Island a few years back. I needed some parts, and was also contemplating buying a quad (to push the sprint car). The staff did their best to act like they didn't work there, and I left and bought the ... more »

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I lived in Oakland for 4 years, 5 minute BART ride from the coliseum. I went to one SX in that time. I forgot what it cost, but it was too much. Nosebleed seats, obnoxious bros and bro hos sitting behind us, they were shitfaced as all get ou, thet weather ... more »

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Yes, I am comparing him to Seely. Cole has great speed, that is why he is 3rd in the championship, and he really doesn't battle many guys besides the ones you list because he is ahead of the rest of them. Just watching the races, it seems like anytime ... more »

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It looks to me like Bogle has the same problem as Seely, they are great riders, but not great racers. Both of them are fast as hell, but don't do a real good job of battling for position. Maybe Bogle needs to forget about his fall back career of rapper ... more »

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Barcia looked like a clown with that piss poor move on Seely. If Seely didn't have the presence of mind to cut under that crappy move, Barcia may have been looking at a trip to the hospital. Bam Bam is so busy being a "badass" he misses out on being ... more »

Started new thread Tracks are ruining... ...blah blah 450's are ruining... ...blah blah... 1/29/2017 8:16 PM

So we have endless threads about how the modern tracks are ruining SX, and 450's are too much bike and ruining supercross. Then we had Phoenix. All we need is Chad Reed. Chad rode with a case of what I call the "Fuck you's". Chad was not, NOT NOT(BOLD) ... more »

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Shit, if Friese had that kind of speed to run with Mookie to pull that move, that would be a good reason for this place to blow up.

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That's what I was thinking after the first two rounds, but check his lap times from A2. His speed is pretty close to the top guys, his average lap time was 6 tenths slower than Dungey's average. That's really hauling the mail in my opinion. Also, it ... more »

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I'm happy to see Peick doing well, I was starting to worry that the pressure of having a quality ride would cause him to tighten up and lose pace, but it looks like he's rolling pretty well. Two Thumbs Up to Weston.

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Well, I can tell you that you don't learn how to run the pace by looking over you shoulder and taking a defensive line in every corner. That doesn't even help your finishing position. The best way to improve is run as fast as you can, and don't pull ... more »

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I think the officials have sent a clear message here, don't retaliate when Friese does you dirty, do it to him first. The AMA/FIM is oubviuosly not going to punish takeouts, so rather than giving VF the opportunity to take you out, the faster riders ... more »

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Ramming a person or their vehicle with your vehicle is also assault.

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How did the NHL survive for 100 years when a fight is punished by a 5 minute penalty? And apparently hockey produces thousands of psychopaths who are a menace to society, exposing children to such violence. Oh wait, hockey is a bush league second rate ... more »

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If you intentionally ram another vehicle with your vehicle you can also be arrested for that. So are we going to start prosecuting everything that is a crime on the street, when it occurs in competition? Slippery slope. I am all for the occasional fight ... more »