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I think it may have more to do with the weather than crime. Last time I went to the Oakland round I froze my ass off, which is fine by me, but my girlfriend was miserable all night. The Coliseum may not be in a great neighborhood, but the surroundings ... more »

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Not much of Reed fan, but damn people. The Main is the top 22 riders to sign in that night, pretty elite company in my mind. No other rider can be pissed at Chad for taking their spot, because if he beat them, it is HIS spot. Aand what else should he ... more »

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I think his whoops speed would make any team manager become color blind real quick. He never paid his dues coming up, he was always James little kid brother fooling around in the background. When he finally decided to race, the speed was there but he ... more »

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I get a bit of a laugh out of this one. There is a line here for me. If the person showed up in a car that would cause me to do a double take going down the freeway, I probably wouldn't hire them, but I sure would not do an inspection. I have had plenty ... more »

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You assume that almost everyone dislikes the current format. I do like the current format and will tne out if they go to the 3 main format. The current format builds up to the mains, the 3 main format is rinse wash repeat. I prefer to see differnt guys ... more »

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Question for Jabroni- What does the night show look like without a support class? Keep in mind, we have a 3 hour show to put on.

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NASCAR kept messing with their sport until they took all the ingenuity and engineering out of the cars, changed the format, messed with the racing to benefit the show. It got to the point that people didn't take the racing at face value any more. Look ... more »

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Actually I hate the story of the family that mortgages everything to give their kid a chance at a motocross career. I would rather see a guy that whooped everyone at the local level but didn't spend all the families money show up at a local SX and make ... more »

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Big news: 24 year old has to join the real world "It's not fair" . Hell at 24 I had just gotten out of the Navy and used my GI bill to go to college. I had no money to go race, that had to wait until I graduated and got a job.

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One of my worst concussions came from a wreck in which I never lost consciousness and my head never hit anything. But my brain did hit my skull and I couldn't focus for about 2 weeks. I don't know if I raced the next week, if I did, I should not have. ... more »

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Do you work for Feld? That seems to be what they are doing. And who is going to fill the gate at round 17 when 10 factory riders are out with injuries? Oh, yeah Ronnie Ford will show up...

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I'll agree on the format. No drama of the chance of someone not making the main, no good battle for the final transfer inthe LCQ. A lot less pressure for each position because every position earned during a "Main" does not directly affect your final ... more »

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I feel for the track operators, the way they are getting hammered. I would not even respond. It seems like they are in a no win situation when it comes to the mini dads bagging on them.

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Nice Pics! I wish that they had one of those when I lived back there. Or maybe I just didn't know about it? I have been to a lot of events at the Centrum over the years, I grew up in northern RI. My only MX exposure was going to the Nationals at Southwick ... more »

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It's not so much the tracks as the riders. If you want to win you push the envelope. If the riders are close in speed, the guy who is willing to ride at 100% will win unless he crashes. So you race at 100% and there is no margin for error. Look at some ... more »

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Damn, I can't believe I put down my crayons and coloring book to read that. I guess I shouldn't be a fan anymore, I'm too dumb for this sport. Back to eating glue for me. Nice elitist attitude. Maye Supercross makes the sport accessible to more people. ... more »

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Street car, would never waste the money. Race tures and shocks, yup. H2O,H2O,H2O. It is noticeable. You couls use oxygen or acetylene and see the same result.

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Who cares how it looks if it's fast. But... ...if it don't go, chrome it.

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Yep, I've been on the recieving end of motorist crap, but I have also been on the end of bicyclists crap to. In Marin County on a weekend, I have been stick behind the "peleton" for miles and miles, with about 30 cars stavked up behind me, and there ... more »