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My first thought. Two ThumbsUp

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When you leave the house looking like a bum, you are telling the world "I don't care what you think of me, your opinion doesn't matter". Well, you can't cry when someone doesn't like the way you look and treats you accordingly. I have been a sketchy ... more »

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All motorsports have turned into the modern equivalent of equestrian events, watch the little rich kid on their pony. Waaaay back in the day equestrian events were badass, because the competitors were cavalry soldiers displaying skills that helped them ... more »

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I can't believe all the bitching about tough blocks. If you take them away the riders will go wider and wider until there is a rut cut into the side of the jump. That rut will eventually collapse, pitching the rider onto the concrete and launching his ... more »

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Forkner should just go ahead and thank Matthes for the nets now. We all know he will be hanging from one shortly.

Added reply in a thread Make the Triple Crown permanent and add in the Chase 3/3/2018 10:15 PM

2 kinds of no- Hell No and Fuck No!

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Bet on it being the work of tweekers.

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Well, how do you figure out how many spots he gained? One real simple way would be to go by the gate pick and where he was after 3 straight aways. That would be a gain of 12 spots and the penalty would have made it 13 so he would have got credit for ... more »

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Man you guys all act like the kid is some folk hero who saved lives then got screwed by "the man". He gets bumped, pauses, gasses it up and runs over Rodriguez and drives directly into the wrong lane. He made no effort to stop, so to say he had no choice ... more »

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"chanceability" WTF language is that?

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Heck, I was wondering if I was the only one. Drives me nuts, and it did migrate over from NASCAR. It's we until the gate drops. In NASCAR i hear guys say "We got run into and taken out". Well not really, you were the only one in the car. Same in SX, ... more »

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I'll quit watching, just like I did with NASCAR. I watch the start of the season. As the weather warms up I go do other things unless there is a great battle for the Championship, then I'll keep watching. But... ...if those early rounds are meaningless, ... more »

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Get a Club for your steering wheel. A former (did time, then finally smartened up) car thief told me that they are actually a pretty big deterrent. Not foolproof, but makes you car or truck enough of a bitch that they are going to go look for an easier ... more »

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What is your problem with showing appreciation for the military? We are not celebrating the worst case scenario, it's a show of appreciation for those who have been put through in that situation, and the sacrifices they made. It is a thank you to those ... more »

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I tried to ignore but failed- So I'll make a few points: 1. Diplomacy is ineffective without the threat of the military solution. If you look back at history, when has anyone ever come to the bargaining table without the threat of force? If you have ... more »

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I think that they are just as good an athlete, just not trained to the same level and using the same techniques. It's true of every sport, you work to be the best, when you are the best you kindo of stop pushing the pace until the next guy comes in and ... more »

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Ahhh, just me then, I hadn't noticed it until now. Agree on the rhythm sections though, he needs to channel Seely through the rhythms. He could probably get away with working out less if he didn't try to bludgeon the peaks off the landings, that sure ... more »

Started new thread Peick in the whoop section 2/5/2018 8:36 AM

Was it just my imagination or did Peick have some new found speed through the whoop section? I don't know what happened to his ride in the main, but early on it seemed like he would be set up to be passed getting to the whoop section, then pull his lead ... more »

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