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If that thread title is supposed to be English, I weep for the future of this country.

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Yeah, that would be fun, bring in a couple of Harvard MBA's and make the company suck. Look at Oakley since they got bought out by Luxottica. I can't get my favorite fireproof underwear any more because that was not part of the profitable, long term ... more »

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Savatgy may have liked the bike the way MW wanted to set it up. I know in 4 wheeled racing you can have a car that one driver loves, and you put another driver in it and he can't find his ass with a compass, 2 flashlights, a roadmap, GPS, RADAR and a ... more »

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Some of us all are the boss, because we grew up. But I guess when you make bank for being an adolescent jackass, there is no need to grow up.

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I am dead set against any penalty structure that results in less than full points and full purse being paid for an event. If you are penalized the guy behind you should get first place points and money. NASCAR started doing this crap and accelerated ... more »

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If they let the Jorgensen deal stand, then every time a rider sees a block pass coming, he can ride over the berm, gas it t the next corner, and resume where he left off. I agree with the call on that one. On the other hand, RC going on and on about ... more »

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Man I lost a ton of respect for Ricky. You can't race when you are off the track.

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Ahhhhh, the qualifier "providing the higher octane fuel is highly oxygenated". What is being stated is that the HIGHER OCTANE provides no power benefit. So you bash away on the premise that the gas is oxygenated, when the poster merely states "higher ... more »

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I agree about the traffic, but where I live, it never ends. The only way for me to get anywhere is via 80, and it turns into a parking lot on weekends. Or if I want to go to Sonoma County, I end up parked in a sea of grape gawkers and it takes me an ... more »

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I'm going to guess that the guys that love it in CA are able to make good money without commuting. I need to be on the water to make a living, so that puts me in traffic, and that is probably the biggest deal breaker for me. Now, I make most of my money ... more »

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I think one problem is parents have no idea what kind of innate speed the elite riders have. If the kid has been riding and lines up to race with other new kids with the same amount of experience, you don't have to encourage them to go faster. The ones ... more »

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That's fine and dandy, but who is going to be left to do actual work? The trend is for CA to lose its middle class, it is too expensive for a guy making $70k to $110k a year in the Bay Area. The state is gearing itself entirely to the top 10% and bottom ... more »

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So, we're not allowed to mock moto dads acting like moto dads? I thought moto dads were the root of all evil. And Mitchell isn't a little kid anymore, he's a pro, his parents don't need to be running around wiping his nose. yeah, I'm just here to mock ... more »

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I can't see why Californians aren't welcome in Boise, since it seems like 75% of Boise IS from CA. They just don't want any new Californians, because it is turning into CA without the ocean.

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Hell, I'm going the other way. I moved to CA 10 years ago, and I'm heading back east. Ridiculous cost of living, insane traffic, too many people, and too many of them are just horrible, insane politics. I'm done with the state, the weather isn't worth ... more »

Started new thread Ronnie Stewart threw a block pass!!! 1/28/2019 11:40 AM

From what I see, I like Ronnie. But up until now his riding has always seemed to say "Aw gee, I'd like to make the main, that would be really nice". This week, though, he said, "Dammit, I AM going to the main!" Of course, the pass did look awkward as ... more »

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I can feel AJ's pain here. He may not be making mains, but he does make the night show, and once in a while he is the hunt to make the main, so you know he isn't a dog. He's put in the time and effort to be a good rider, and he watches Buttery (and who ... more »

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This is my experience too. No earplugs and I'm like holy cow I'm flogging this poor thing. Put in earplugs, damn, I'm going slow, I have more grip left, get after it!

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This year I lost my sister, a close friend and racer, and another fellow racer, all to cancer. After this year, I am more convinced than ever that the risks are worth it. If not for racing I would have just stayed in the military and found a more dangerous ... more »

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I don't race moto, I race sprint cars, and I think it makes me a horrible driver. Driving on the street is not driving, it's following rules and I hate it. I only enjoy driving when I'm on "kill" and there is way too much traffic to run around on "kill", ... more »