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Alcohol makes power when tuned for it. Problem is here, it's only about 50c cheaper than 91 Octane pump and you have to drive anywhere from 5-50 miles out of the way to get it. It's never caught on out here really. And usually the pump is off to the ... more »

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Went slogging in the mud, snow, rain and running creeks today. Snowing pretty good for most the time.

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Reply to Transworld ride report '18 RMZ450 6/11/2017 6:44 PM

5 minutes after the release of the 18, KTM will release the 18.5 KTM FE and 10 minutes after that the 19 FE.

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Go replicate what I posted. Thats what 99% of harley guys do. I mean they lay on the handlebars each shift from the compression braking. It's comical like watching a guy on a see saw. I don't know if they don't know how to grab gears, or do it just to ... more »

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Alcohol is just a headache for every day use. IndyCar doesn't use methanol because it makes more power.

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Stew agrees.

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Not the guy in the Video, but How come 99% of harley guys don't know how to shift? They go WFO, chop the throttle, about go over the bars, shift, then do it again. All the while making a shit ton of racket and go nowhere. On the other hand, sport bike ... more »

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It's great for everything except rigs that get occasional use, or those looking at mileage. 2 reasons guys run out of gas at an outdoor national. Highly oxygenated fuel, and big bores. Both use far more fuel. Alcohol runs great. It's not hard to remap

... more »
Reply to Yami 125 idles, but when givin throttle, dies. It's a 4 stroke, take it easy with the jokes 6/10/2017 9:27 PM

Open throttle and pull choke at the same time. Or go to half choke. If it runs, pilot jet is plugged. Or some other source of fuel is being starved. If it has a low oil shutoff, make sure its full enough. Because a low oil shutoff kills the ignition. ... more »

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Careful, the last guy on here that said you could buy injectors for your bike at Autozone or Napa by crossing them over got crucified. Little do they know that only a few companies make fuel injectors for like 100 OEMs including cars, boats, trucks, ... more »

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Ray Donovan is usually good. Just upped for season 5 or 6 already. The first was the best though.

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I've found if you watch them at 1.5X or 2X speed, it makes them bearable.

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The recent season was better than the prior(More Kevin Spacey Lines while looking at the camera), which is what sucked me in during season 1. The latest Homeland season was good. I'm on season 2 of Billions.

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You guys are so full of shit. A nutcase like that would roofie you, you'd wake up on a beach, naked, no wallet, no phone, no clothes, and not even a blow job. She may even be like that one broad and cut your dick off and toss it out the window. Those ... more »

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I didn't say it wasn't available. I said it's pretty much banned and most won't sell it anymore due to risk of people putting it in street vehicles. And before you say your bike is a race vehicle, read this. https://www.arb.ca.gov/enf/advs/advs397.pdf ... more »

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Most of the people that read Dirt Rider probably have never listened to Pulp, never been on this site, and probably don't know who writes most articles, or the writers resume, or their riding resume. Was Watson correct on this Pete guy winning the Editor ... more »

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haha, that guy is funny as fuck. But yah, in street vehicles Ethanol or Methanol is shit. For racing applications, it works though where mileage isn't a concern.

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It's nudes from the various chicks that have been in the studio.