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Vital MX: We need to grow the sport, how do we get people into riding? Also Vital MX: We need to remove all things that help the rider! Seriously though, on one hand I can see where you guys are coming from. But I feel like taking away all aids is not ... more »

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Did you ever see the video of the kid on the Suzuki? I'll try to find a link, its great haha

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Fingers crossed

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I can totally understand why people would be against selling signed merchandise, but at the same time it would suck loads for someone like myself that cant get to any of the events to get a poster signed, let alone a number plate, if they weren't sold ... more »

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You're right, the only reason casual fans go to the track is to hear bikes.

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I was thinking of the same thing

... more »
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Maybe I'm missing something too, but to me "a Gas Gas rider" would be someone who was recently(last time competing)/is currently riding for Gas Gas.

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Only thing I can think would be ARay for Kawi POSSIBLY. Other than that theres not anyone I can think of that stands out.

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Got to watch him at Riverglade in 2018 on the KTM, and man he was flying. Glad to see him running up front this past weekend and hopefully he can build off it!

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Praying Josh Hill comes up with the Club MX boys. Would love to see him race again, not sure how he'd do in MX2 though. Thought Tyler was going to throw down and take the title no problem but boy I was wrong.

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GoPros can be mounted under the visor, I'm pretty sure TWMX did a small article on it (in 2014?) I believe. Not honestly sure why most people don't mount it like that. Better POV, audio and safer.

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Agreed. The white with a bit of red and black looks great, just not on a yellow bike.

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My girlfriend knew nothing about moto when we started dating, and now knows who most top guys are by their numbers. Makeup-2-mud didn't encourage that, or even grab her attention at least once. Even pointed it out to her once, and she didn't care. Cant ... more »

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Im not one for white bikes (with the exception of Husky), but when they're done right, man they look good. All I will say, is those FC Hondas were done absolutely right

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Agreed. The Moto-Fins look killer on the Moto-9's, almost look like something that would come on them. But then you see one on a Shoei (what I run) and they look somewhat weird which is why I've been holding off. Hoping to see if some more styles of

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Is Tickleback something that started on here with that thread? Looking forward to seeing where he ends up. I'd say somewhere in the 5-10 range with a good start.

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Hands down one of the sexiest bikes I've ever laid eyes on

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Not sure about in the States, but the switch version is $20 less in Canada. Been playing the game since the 1st, and man what an improvement over the first two games. Still having trouble being consistent in the rhythm sections. Definitely better than ... more »

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Foot activated electric start. Suzuki has been keeping it a secret, I guess you could say it gives them a leg up on the competition.

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Depends where you are. Here in Canada (Nova Scotia specifically) at the liquor store, 3.5g can range from $30-$45, and not many people were loving it. They now have ounces (28g) for $130 tax in, I'm assuming to take business from the few black market ... more »