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Man I'm jealous of anyone who's even seen it in person. Need to get to the UK GP round before I go back home to the Australian desert.

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I'm massively biased against supercross at this point. God bless motocross.

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That first 450 moto was a thing of beauty.

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Ferrandis if he keeps his starts in order and stays on two wheels. Roczen if the above doesn't happen and if he doesn't do his classic fade. Cianciarulo if the above two have any big problems, and if he can stop tucking the front. Plessinger if the above ... more »

Started new thread Let us give thanks... 6/6/2021 10:14 AM

Despite indifferent coverage at times... Despite injuries.... Despite Covid... This might be one of the best line ups in terms of competition in both classes for a very long time. I can imagine both being sewed up before the last race, but you can't ... more »

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Who can blame them with the injury rate and brutality of supercross? They give it an honest crack, but when you go out with an injury it must be hard to convince yourself it's worth going back into that meat grinder for no obvious purpose. Makes sense ... more »

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Those are some truly exceptional shots. There's a good chance they've never been seen by anyone outside of that family before as well. Have you contacted any moto/motor racing museums? I reckon they'd be interested, that's some quality motocross history. ... more »

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Ah man I think you've just gotta understand that the Jlaw think isn't about 'idolatry' as such. Everyone knows he epically blew potentially one of the great careers and no one should shoot for that. But there's just something about him. A maverick, an ... more »

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Any Screenshots of the neck and neck finish?

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Sharpened footpeg could have torn him open but all it got was his pants... I'd still be getting cold sweats if I was him

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It really feels like Alessi 2.0 except AC is supremely likeable...

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The thread about the Australian GP made me remember a road trip my mate and I did from Brisbane to Perth and back in 2014. We towed the bikes behind my ute and rode everywhere we could on the way. Was wondering if anyone else had awesome dirt bike road ... more »

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I'd say your guess is actually quite a bit inferior to his... Considering you started out in this debate believing that legal action would have to prove literal "intent" to harm the riders.

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I truly hope people signing off their names with: username, esq. when threads get ridiculous becomes an enduring trope of vital.

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Loved the bit when the interviewer asked about Motocross of Nations and Mitch subtly corrected him with "des nations?". Don't know if that was his intention but I liked it

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All the Irish fans in Vegas were at the wrong event

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AC is a gift to the moto community

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He did give the 2013 Honda a lot of shit, including once when he was in the booth comentating. He basically congratulated Barcia for "only" struggling on the honda and said point blank how much he disliked that bike. That being said I agree, this idea ... more »

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Still reckon suzuki's are the best looking bikes stock, something just works about them. Except for the giant, God awful exhaust haha. Nice bike my dude