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So sorry for your loss, RIP Connor.

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Frame and tank definitely legit, airbox looks to be fabricated non vrp with updated 95-97 side panels.

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Rest In Peace Marty & Nancy. A true legend. Loved watching him race.

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My first Dirtbike was a 250cr, that had the red tank like this, but a 1976 model. I bought it in 1980 for 700.00

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Good stuff TJ, always like looking behind the scene of a pro rider’s prep. 👍

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I also had an 07 Crf250, pretty fast vet at the time and only got just under 20 hours out of each engine rebuild, piston, rings, valves and timing chain. After the 3rd rebuild and 10 hours on it, I got rid of it. Not sure if new 250f s are any more durable ... more »

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I didn’t have auto renew turned on and I didn’t get the email for the half price promo code, I have since turned on the auto renew and and will be charged 89.99, I don’t think it’s that bad of a deal.

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No doubt, Ron Lechien

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Awesome Dirtbikemike, loved that era of mx. Thankyou for your service.

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Oh Saa...

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I ordered the same thing but were suppose to be old moto stickers like dg, hi point and a lot of vintage stickers from 70’s racing. They sent a butch of random 90’s crap cartoon stuff, never again.

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No cr or crf will ever be stiffer than a 97 cr250. My least favorite Honda I ever owned.

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I broke 3 ribs over 20 years ago and started feeling better in 2 to 3 weeks. Was wheeling a grocery cart around with only a couple items it it and turned the corner and rebroke all 3 ribs again. Even if you start feeling well, do not pick anything up ... more »

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I still have the yellow and black set, I would buy a new set for sure.

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Thanks for posting, great pics!

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Lil Old
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I remember watching that when in came out😀

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Hahahaha, how in the hell, those are awesome!

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The last St Louis round was a day race in 2018 I believe. I haven’t been for a few years but being only an hour and a half away I will probably hit it.