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What has been observed about the handling effects of handlebar rise? How has it changed over the last couple decades?

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Sorry about the 2nd generation quality!

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It is so cool to read these posts. I raced 125 Int. at Saddleback , and these stories take me back like it was yesterday. I am glad to see that so many riders were touched and moved by this horrible event. I was stunned by the shocking loss of these ... more »

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I got chills when I came across these posts. I rode SoCal MX in the 80's at The Dunes and Saddleback and remember those guys. I was shocked when they died. They were about the same age as I, and I looked up to them--when they died, it was like finding ... more »

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RedBrown's album
  • At Saddleback
  • Saddleback
  • Saddleback
  • Indian Dunes River Jump!  1981
  • Playing in Canyon Country (Mouse's Track?)
  • Canyon Country

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