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Yes, I heard Benny will be ok. That the hard hit he took has him beat up and sore but nothing serious and he will be fine. Hope you all saw the heat race ride that landed him in that LCQ?? Benny came from last to 6th when it appeared he had some kind ... more »

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I hope SOMEBODY noticed that Benny topped both of the B group qualifying sessions and qualified 14th overall on his 2014 Yamaha. Lets hope he can put it together in the night show and make and do what he is capable of in the main. Pretty impressive for ... more »

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I have it from very good sources that the Benny/Blue Buffalo split was amicable and there are no fingers to be pointed. Each decided to go another direction. I also know the Bloss's to be a great family and Benny to be an Ultra talented kid who WILL ... more »

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Benny Bloss
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2/25/2016 8:40 AM