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Bought a KTM 150 in 2012 and really enjoyed that bike. Then switched to KTM 250F from a Honda shortly after because of the magic button. Staying with the KTM group because of the 350.

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I sent them an email on Saturday. I'm giving them a few days to respond.

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I can't even figure out how to cancel my monthly subscription now. goes to this static page with their "message to their subscribers" with no links to account management. Argh.

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Did they change the stock Neken bars for 22? If not, I would replace them. They are so stiff.

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I love the drone and it will only get better. I especially like it when they do split screens.

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Webb was answering a question. I like his honesty versus coming up with a canned response.

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Do 250 MX tiles not count anymore? CW2 AMA 250SX West - 2015, 2016 AMA 250MX - 2016 AMA 450SX - 2019 KR94 AMA-250SX West – 2013 AMA-450MX – 2014, 2016

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It looked to me like Webb was waiting for Tomac, who didn't stop and just gave him the thumbs up. Webb then starts to go then had to stop again because Roczen stopped to give him a fist-bump.

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Watching episode 4 of the Bell Helmets CW2 video series I noticed the high clutch lever position as Webb goes out for a session. I thought it was a mistake and that he was going to smack it to a lower position.

Then watching him ride, the clutch ... more »

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Same here. I fell asleep watching the MXGP race. The only "passing" I saw was Prado fading from 1st to 6th in the last 4 mins.

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I enjoyed the interviews and interactions but man, that game does not look good.

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Airbrakes. Does not pinch my nose, wide visibility and very easy to switch/clean lenses.

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If you are racing, it should be at the top of your list. I've ridden Hondas then KTMs the past 15 years and my bikes were so much easier to ride faster, harder and longer after the re-valve. I've used Factory Connection and budget about $1K for fork ... more »

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On the Main Event Moto podcast, Blair says Anderson did that to Brayton because he saw him check up and not pass Roczen when Roczen bobbled. Did anyone see that?

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I have one I'll sell. It is like new and has always been in the garage.

... more »
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Love the behind the scenes look! Are their mechanics with them and if not, are they coming later?

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What shape is the muffler in?

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I have current Alpinestars Techstar and Racer gear sets and TLD SE Air all in Large jerseys and size 32 pants. The Techstars fit me the best. The Racer pants are noticeably tighter than the Techstar pants. The TLD SE Air pants are roomier than the AS ... more »

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Look up Grear's Motorsports Park in Facebook. They are about an hour from you in Zanesville. Great natural layout and while they only have a main and a mini track, the main track has good visibility (no blind jumps) and wide enough for all skill levels ... more »

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I'm an XL in Bell and TLD. I tried the Alpinestars helmet on at my local shop and XL was the best fitting.