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I dunno. Even at 17, I knew not to piss off the track operator and sign-up lady...... 😄

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"I did just buy a semi..." Well, now that the important shit is taken care of...😄🍻

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Losing a sponsor that you developed (and benefitted from) to another team sucks [i.e., Bel-Ray from TwoTwo to RCH]. Losing a primary sponsor to the series promotor sucks on a completely different level. Get in the Wayback Machine and check out TwoTwo's ... more »

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For those who insist that SX should be more "professional" like NA$CAR------meet Lacey Caroline, kid pit reporter.🤣 No one knows whether her last name is France, Feld.....or Childress! But, the odds are good on any of those guesses. BTW, do you like ... more »

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Discount Tire was the primary sponsor for Team TwoTwo-------until FELD slithered up......then poof! DT is a featured sponsor for FELD SX. And, then shortly thereafter, Team TwoTwo shuttered.... Rinse and repeat.

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Holy shit, that was painful. I won't point out the obvious by name, but that is either nepotism or inept hiring....

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Entirely predictable. This is THE Feld model of business. Wait for your indie contractors to find sponsors---then poach 'em. Here's looking at you, Discount Tires.....

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Big deal. I raced a R&D-built YZ80 and a FMF Mini Elsinore. 💪👈 Those same years, I also rode a DT175 to school....a f'n DT175. 😐 And, I've owned 40 something other motorcycles in my lifetime, including 5 HD's. I've also done hard hours on BMW r1200rtp ... more »

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It is a cult. Now, get that KTM sticker centered on the back window of your truck! 😁🍻

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Done. Hit me up anytime. 👍

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Not going, but Sancho's and cerveza are on me if you make it to HB! 🍻

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His kids sure look happy....! 😐😆

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Value of the program is not related to wins in all cases. The figure is based on fund-raising, conference TV purse share, memorabilia, etc. You would be mind blown at how rich some of the southern universities really are---and not necessarily successful ... more »

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STAR will win both coasts. That squad is llllloaded. Forkner and McAdoo will challenge. JMHO.

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I remember the Support Class, where privateer types and those on the verge could race competitively and make a little dough until slotting in big boy level. Of course, that's when you ran the number you earned and riders traveled with their mechanics

... more »
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Respected up-and-comer (remember Top Jimmy?)➡️Factory Honda➡️Team Owner Suzuki 250 class➡️Ronnie Mac. One does not align with the others. I've said it before, I miss Top Jimmy.

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Can your grom paint? Hook him up at the kitchen table and teach him to 'customize'. 👍

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Admin's listening? 😆🤣 As you know, HarryBro, if any post is still up, they approve..for whatever reason. SMH....

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Used to frequently see his Sprinter around Huntington Beach, but not lately. Wondering the same thing...

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The whole reserving of a number by a "retired" rider makes no sense. If I retire, they don't hold my corporate title for me for a year simply in case I come back... Injured rider exemption (i.e. Peick) I totally understand.