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I'd hit it

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Forum janitor, hahahahahahaha, what a title. Anyhow congrats on the cover, and when's the next podcast for cryin out loud

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You couldn't teach what Canard had man. He was unreal when he was on. Unfortunately injuries made those times few and far between.

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What with the internet these days, sometimes customers get ridiculous with expectations or outright demands. This is not one of those times. Totally, utterly unprofessional on their part, along with a pretty absurd idea about what "next day shipping" ... more »

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His yamaha contract ends this year. Whether he stays or goes I would imagine he is looking at a huge pay cut. I don't think we've seen anywhere near his full potential on the 450 but he may not be the next Villopoto either (which is okay).

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Ricky 2005. Lost one or two motos but won all 12 overalls.

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Come on JA. We all know you're in here.

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Couldn't have said it better. Man it looked so bad. Hopefully it's not what it appears to be.

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This is what I always think. Although most of the squids I see seem to just buy whatever clapped out pile is for sale at the pawn shop.

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You shittin me? 3 grand? Buy the 17.

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Man I miss watching this guy. Idk if he had another championship in him but after his great 2014 season, I think we were in store for a dozen or so more SX wins from James. Man what coulda been.....

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It really wouldnt bother me to have less than a 40 rider field. Of of the best things about watching the Herlings/Cairoli races is the lack of lappers clogging up the track.

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I've heard "prestige" and "legitimacy" as the official reasons. Which seems like a nice way of saying "they don't do jack shit". But I'm sure they extract a good bit of money for themselves out of the series. Institutional inertia seems to be the primary ... more »

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Assuming Plessinger just had a slight off weekend in Colorado, I think he pulls it out. Wouldn't be surprised if J Mart wins it though. Really hard to pick one of them with any certainty.

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Currently on a 2011 YZ250f. She needs to be put out to pasture yesterday. I've got the cash for whatever but I'm a cheap piece of crap. 1. New YZ250F or CRF250R. Whichever is most reliable. 1a. KTM350SXF. Dream bike but hella expensive. 2. YZ125.

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Works suspension on that one. But you can save some money and buy a KX100 for "only" $10,000. Or a bone stock KX250F that's been held wide open on the dyno for sound testing for the low, low price of only $6,500.

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They're both 25 but Tomac is like 6 or 7 months older.

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That guy with the man bun knows something. Although there may not be anything to know. James has a CRF450, no secret. Coulda just went and rode some laps for fun. It is fun, after all.